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Is A Natural Skin Care Product Really Better?

Many people only use natural skin care products. Either for health reasons or because they believe that natural products are more beneficial for the skin, they will not buy chemicals.

So is a natural skincare product really better for our skin? Do synthetic products really damage the skin? And what about your health. Is it really possible for a chemical based product to cause us harm?

For answers to these questions, it really depends who you talk to. If you ask a beautician in a department store, they will tell you that synthetic skin care is a very safe option and all their ingredients
will only enhance your skin. They may tell you that a natural skin care product will not have the same scientific benefits for your skin. If you ask them about the health implications of chemical ingredients they may say they don’t know, but they will probably deny it.

However, ask a naturopath or holistic doctor the same questions and you will get a totally different answer. A naturopath will tell you that a natural skin care product is a much safer option. This is because our skin is capable of absorbing many of the ingredients that is put on it. If you use a synthetic product on your skin, harmful ingredients may be absorbed into your body and be stored in your body’s adipose (fat) tissues.

We all have chemicals in our bodies, it’s simply a fact of modern life. By using a natural skin care product we are not adding to the load that our body already has to deal with. Of course not all synthetic skin care contains dangerous ingredients. But how do you know which ones do? Unless you’re an expert at reading the label which lists all the contents, and who wants to do that?

Finding all natural skin care products is not an easy task. You can try the health store, but not all their products are 100% natural. The best solution I have found is to search on-line to find a reputable natural skin care brand. One trick is to look at the list of preservatives as it is here that most of the harmful chemicals are lurking. If the product is using a natural preservative, it is safe to assume the product is completely natural.

Of course one sure fire way of ensuring you end up with a totally natural skin care product is to make it yourself and a lot of people do this. However this is a messy exercise and the cream or lotion you end up with may only have a shelf life of a few days. If you have the time and the patience, then this may be the answer for you.

Wherever you end up sourcing your natural skin care product, always make sure that it matches your skin type, or you’ll not get a good result. Make sure you store it according to the manufacturer’s
recommendations, especially if you live in a warm climate. Remember to use a spatula to scoop out any cream if it’s in a jar. This will prevent contamination and your natural skin care product will keep
fresh for longer.


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