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Brilliant Ways to Boost Your Modeling Career

Modeling Career

Modeling is quite often not considered a long-term career. Very few models stay relevant once they reach their thirties and forties. The likes of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, who are considered well beyond their prime, are rare.

As a young model, your eyes may be set on a long and lucrative modeling career such as what the two greats mentioned have. However, only time can tell if you are going to be as in demand as they are when you reach their age. For the time being, though, your focus should be on how to get the most out of your modeling career now.

Implementing the right strategies can grow the demand for your services as well as open new doors of opportunity for you. Most importantly, you can earn more to financially support the kind of future you have in mind. Want to know what some of these brilliant strategies are to boost your modeling career? Five of them are listed below.

1. Be open to challenges

If you are signed with a teen modeling agency, express to them your interest in trying new things. If you tend to get assigned to do fashion shows mostly and you want to take on more “commercial” modeling jobs, be vocal about it and how you are willing to improve yourself.

It is important to let the people who are helping you manage your career to understand that you also have a vision of where your career should go, and you are willing to try new things to achieve your goals.

2. Commit to improve

Find ways to become a better you. Physically, you can work on improving your proportions. You can sign up for classes that can sculpt your body beautifully.

Taking tennis lessons can help keep your weight down. At the same time, it can strengthen your body, enhance your shoulders, and improve your flexibility and coordination.

Taking language lessons during your free time is also worth looking into. Since you have your eyes on a long-term modeling career, you may end up traveling to different parts of the world. Knowing how to speak the vernacular when you go abroad for a modeling job will always serve your advantage.

Another reliable way to improve yourself is by taking acting lessons. You can become a more versatile model this way since there are a lot of modeling jobs that require a bit of acting.

3. Expand your abilities

Grow your skills and make the title of “model” work for you. Take a cue from model entrepreneurs like Josie Maran, Tyra Banks, and Miranda Kerr who expanded their skills while working as models.

Josie learned how to develop natural cosmetics. Tyra, meanwhile, got into acting and then began producing her own shows. As for Miranda, she grew her knowledge about health and wellness to finally receive her health coach certificate.

Remember, there’s nothing more attractive than a model who has so much more to offer than her pretty physique and style. Fashion houses and businesses will take note if you are a model slash “something else impressive.”

4. Use social media to your advantage

Models are some of the most followed personalities on Twitter and Instagram because people look to them as style inspiration.

Do the same and establish yourself as a style authority for people in your generation. Post your OOTDs and promote your latest work.

If you do not mind spending a bit more time online and using your voice to share your life as a young model, consider blogging. Through blogging, you can promote yourself as a brand, and also share more of your experiences and knowhow.

You can write posts about the latest style trends, how you stay fit, and even how you manage your time as a young working person. Netizens gobble up such content and will look to your blog for style and life inspiration, which is what ideally models should be.

5. Work hard and be prepared to compromise

Just like with any profession, the ability to deliver on a job no matter how difficult it is can take you closer to your goals. So, stay focused on your career if you want to attain success.

Staying focused is difficult, though. It can mean giving up time with friends so you can get enough sleep for a fashion shoot the following day; or missing out on school events such as club parties for work. However, these sacrifices can provide the consistency that is necessary for the career you are working on.

Reinforcing your worth as a model is no easy task even with these strategies. But, you can rest assured that the effort will yield results you can be proud of and can advance you further in your budding modeling career.



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