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Embrace Your Uniqueness With Upcoming Snapback Caps

Snapback Caps

Street-wear is a style of casual clothing around the globe. Rooted in Californian surf and skate culture, it has grown to encompass elements of hip hop fashion.

When we talk about street wear, snapback are popular one and nowadays many brands are bringing innovative ideas in this street fashion.

Rawkly, an upcoming brand wanted to kick off with a new design on the wooden cap. A cap that fits everyone, no sizing or fitting issues at all. Rawkly worked 2 months on their snapback design. Ideas flowed, everything from having a charming color to making the form into something modern and unique.

Rawkly Fashion is a new snapback manufacturer which is unique in term of designs and quality, they are focusing on combination of high quality wooden – the finest fabric, recycled and unknown treasures. There is a 3D-embroidery style for the logo which is applied on all of Rawkly snapbacks. The wood on the brim is a raw material and the cap has a lot of attitude.

Snapback Caps

They are using same color buttons on the snapback which matches to crown and that brings uniformity in snapbacks. Also the Rawkly snapback comes with two different logos. Either the Raw attitude or Attitude of Sweden.

When you buying this you will not only receive beautiful and unique snapback, but also you will get 3 Rawkly stickers and a special thanks on their official website if they got funded through Kickstarter project.

Currently Rawkly  has introduces wooden snapback in five different styles, black, white, navy blue, burgundy, and also the Khaki design. Their current collection is only available during Kickstarter project.

They have produces the wooden brim water resistant. They have treated the wood surface and by attaching the wood to the fabric they made it water proof which is great feature which distinguish Rawkly from other snapback brands.​


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