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Men’s Wedding Rings With Different Designs

Men's Wedding Rings

A man’s wedding ring is a subject that is met with a mixed opinion – should it be worn or not? For many men who have opted out of wearing a band, it is more than likely that their fathers influenced their decision. It was only as recent as the Second World War when the male wedding ring became popular.

Far away from home, the band became a symbol to the men of the wives that they left behind and the love that still bound them. To them, it provided comfort, served as a reminder of the vow they undertook and lastly was an emblem of pride that restored faith in the face of bad times.

Men’s Hunting Wedding Band

With regards to design, it was usually common for a man’s wedding ring to be very simple. Today men are becoming more open to having more intricate designs on their bands. If you love hunting, men’s hunting wedding band in black tungsten particularly becoming more and more popular. Couples hunting wedding rings are trending these days.

Men’s Ring with a special deer tracks and skull printed on the top. It is great to fit for those who love hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and outdoors activities.

Traditionally men preferred simple gold wedding bands to symbolise their love. Though over the last 15 years men have increasingly been moving away from the traditional gold wedding ring towards something a little different, like hunting bands including top selling design for those that love the outdoors, love to hunt including deer, elk, duck and more.

Woven style men’s wedding rings there are many ring designs to choose from. You will need to take into account the factors above. Then it’s a matter of personal preference.

Wave style men’s wedding rings

Types of ring styles include simple bands made in all yellow gold, all white gold, platinum, or titanium or tungsten; rings with inlay stripes or ribbed edges; rings with diamonds or gemstones; rings with unique patterns; two-tone rings with a combination of metal types, and woven or wavering styles.

Celtic men’s wedding rings

When considering lifestyle factors and ring designs you should note that a woven, puzzle or heavily patterned ring could be damaged whilst playing sport or working with your hands. A ring with diamonds or gemstones may be at greater risk of having the gem settings damaged and potentially losing a gemstone.

Hopefully, this information will help you to choose the right wedding ring for you.


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