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How to rock the tie-dye trend

There’s nothing like the beginning of spring to inspire you to put those drab winter clothes into hibernation and start thinking about a fresh new summer look. Onetrend that looks set to dominate this summer is tie dye. Recent fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris were awash with models and designers rocking the look.

Hollywood celebs have also been spotted getting down with the hippy vibe. Gwen Stefani and Elle Macpherson both recently sported funky tie-dye jeans, while Hilary Duff was seen wearing a gorgeous tie-dye dress on a day out with her baby.

If you think tie dye is just for hippies, think again. Tie die is less common than florals, stripes or spots and has a chilled, funky vibe which can make you stand out from the crowd. It’s not just for the beach — the trend works well for all occasions, with maxi dresses for glam nights out and tie-dyed t-shirts, leggings and jeans for everyday wear. If you are not quite sure if the look is really for you, then try a tie-dyed scarf.

With tie dye such a hot trend this summer, fashionistas will have plenty of choice on the high street without having to resort to DIY home-bleaching kits! On the other hand, channelling your inner hippy and getting crafty with the home dye will at least guarantee you a truly unique fashion statement. If reaching for the bleach sounds like a step too far then

AX Paris tie dye dresses will help you rock the look. In the meantime, here are three tips to help you make the best of the tie-dye trend.

tie-dye trend

Avoid TieDye Overkill

Unless you really want to look like a ’60s flower child, keep the look simple and steer clear of hippy accessories. Something plain such as skinny jeans, a skirt or shorts will look stylish, while tie dye paired with flares, crocheted vests and John Lennon sunglasses will make you look as if you just stepped off the plane from Goa.

Select One Colour

Tie dye doesn’t have to mean all the colours of the rainbow. Some of the most stylish tie-dyed items of clothing are in shades of one particular colour. These look super-sylish and are easy to coordinate.

Don’t Follow the Rules

Tie dye needn’t just be for T-shirts. Try tie-dying other items for a fresh, funky look for canvas bags, plimsolls, bikinis, skirts or dresses. Basically, anything you have sitting in the back of your wardrobe. Who wants to look like everyone else anyway!

If you want a look that is bang on trend this summer, ditch the boring florals and soulless stripes and channel the swinging sixties and rock the tie-dye trend. Whether you are a beach babe, a rock chick or a chic glamazon, you’ll find plenty to tempt you on the high street. And if you feel really daring, you can attempt to re-create the look yourself with a DIY bleaching kit.

Sam Long has worked as a fashion PR for over ten years. In her spare time she writes regular fashion blogs and contributes to various teen publications. This spring she’s been recommending AX Paris tie dye dresses to her readers.


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