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How to Dress If Visiting the Mecca of Fashion

Undoubtedly, the city of Paris deserves the title ‘Mecca of Fashion’. Stylishly looking people wearing all ranges of clothes in a cosmopolitan city full of fashion inspiration. That’s what Paris stands for. Style is everywhere – women who masterfully walk in stiletto heels and men proudly wearing power suits; even people strolling around in jeans and boots have combined them quite aptly. It’s a matter of taste that seems to come naturally to Parisians, having in mind that fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Dior and Chanel who dictate trends for decades are located there.

Parisians are also known for their fashion forwardness, and the city itself is where ‘haute couture’ has started. Other than that, low-cost versions of trendy clothes turn up in stores like Carroll and Naf Naf immediately after the originals become public. This is why even an average Parisian can dress according to the latest designer trends.

If you’re going to Paris on vacation, you have to look presentable. The casual clothes you’re used to wear when going on a walk at your home country won’t work. If you don’t want to stand out but in a bad way, you should be prepared with fashionable outfits and suitable accessories to match them. After all, you don’t want to be stared at because you went out in a hoody and sweatpants. A photo shot in front of the Eiffel Tower deserves more. You have to be in all your splendor.

Keep It Neutral

Just keep it neutral and you won’t be mistaken. Replace your floral prints and bright colors with black – you can never go wrong with that since it makes you look slimmer, it never goes out of style and it’s just versatile. A black blazer over a basic shirt, skinny jeans, flats for the day or high heels for the night paired with matching jewelry can make a complete look suitable for wearing in Paris. Other than black, you can go for neutrals like creams, beiges and browns.

Jeans Are Acceptable

Jeans weren’t always OK to wear in Paris, but denim became popular a few years back. Even high-class restaurants now allow jeans as part of the dress code. Not every kind of jeans will fit in the picture, though. Stylistic elements should inevitably be present. Dark and elegant skinny or slight flare jeans are fine.

Accessories Are the Right Statement Pieces

Scarves are what you definitely have to bring with you when going on a visit to Paris. They are go-to accessories that every Parisian woman respects as a must item in her closet. An outfit can always be pulled together with a single scarf; same goes for jewelry. That’s why when you pack for a trip to this city, focus on accessories rather than clothes. Take only some basic clothing items that can be mixed and matches in different ways. Leave the rest to accessories – they know how to spice an outfit.

No Leisure Wear Outside

Hoodies, sweatpants and tennis shoes are a huge no-no in Parisian street fashion. While in other countries only young people follow trends and pick their clothes carefully, in Paris even older women and men dress stylish and with taste. Always look neat and decent while being there, no matter what! After all, people who don’t know you judge you by your looks, and dressing nicely will guarantee you better treatment.

Comfortable Shoes but Not Running Shoes

Walking is what you have to do a lot in order to enjoy all the landmarks of Paris – the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Montmartre, etc. Tennis shoes should be immediately replaced with a more elegant alternative. Flats, loafers or comfortable boots will do the job just fine, and they surely look way better.

No or Minimal Make-up

If you want to blend in well with Parisian women, the ‘all natural’ look is the right direction to go. The emphasis is put on a healthy and glowy skin. All is subtle, natural beauty is hold in esteem. As for the hair, the same rule applies. Air dried and unstructured hairstyles are the look you should be aiming for.

Submited by Angela H., a travel blogger and adventurer. Plan your magical holiday in Paris.


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