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What Makes a Perfect Engagement Ring?

Getting engaged to be married is undoubtedly one of the most important moments of a couple’s life together, and usually creates memories which are treasured for a lifetime. In fact, it could even be argued that the engagement, with its attendant rituals, romance – and the all important ring, is of equal importance to the wedding itself. Most married couples will be able to regale you with happy and amusing anecdotes about the time they got engaged to be married. It is therefore no surprise that most engagements require a lot of thought and careful planning, as well as some meticulous consideration regarding the ring itself – the publically visible symbol of the engagement itself.

This being said, there is no universally accepted set-piece formula for getting engaged, or for choosing a ring. Some couples relish the romanticism and surprise of getting engaged, and the would-be groom might hide the ring in a glass of champagne; or surprise his partner during a weekend getaway.

Engagement Ring

Other couples prefer to reduce the chance and uncertainty of this kind of scenario, and choose their ring together after they have decided to get married. An engagement ring is, after all, a piece of jewelry the woman will have to sport on her finger for the rest of her married life; so it needs to be perfect and not left to guesswork – especially as a considerable amount of money is often involved.

The perfect ring

Engagement rings are a staple of the jewelry trade, and so choosing the ideal ring can be an intimidating business. There is just so much choice available for amorous couples it is difficult to know where to begin, especially when many rings are indistinguishable from each other.


Above all things, the engagement ring should be personal to the fiancé involved, must suit her hair colour and skin tone; and should reflect something about both the relationship and her unique personality. This is no easy task, but even the simplest rings can be given a personal touch through hade made engravings or personalisations.  Engraved signet rings have an antique and stylish feel, and are popular choices of engagement ring.


As marriage is a long term endeavor, so a ring must be chosen which will stand the test of time. Classic styles are therefore preferable to avant-garde or modish styles which rapidly go out of fashion. An engagement ring also needs to be striking enough to make an impact, while also being understated enough to be suitable for wear on every occasion; from the boardroom to the ballroom to the bedroom. Extremely ostentatious rings are likely to be a mistake in this case, as they will clash with many of the more casual situations a woman finds herself in.

Seeking out the perfect engagement ring is a labour of love that should be approached with a nuanced mix of the incurable romantic and long term investor.  Good engagement rings not only bring pleasure during a couple’s life together, but then go on to become family mementos and heirlooms, preserving memories of love into the far future. Seek out classic, hand crafted and personalised styles that will stand the test of time – and enjoy creating memories to last a lifetime.

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