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Did you know that gemstones are not just jewelry? They have long been associated with months, signs of the zodiac, and personality traits. Rumor gives them special magical properties and attributes a healing effect on the body. It is said that the right gem can help solve everyday problems and bring success in business and personal life. Finally, they are beautiful, and it’s hard to take the eyes off them.

Precious stones have always fascinated people with their magical play of light and rich color. Today, the development of computer technology and automation of production enable gem mass-production. But did the buyer benefit from this? A large selection of cheap jewelry without uniqueness and a soul may delight someone, but true connoisseurs are looking for more. These enthusiasts can find something interesting on the GemRay online store.

Our Offer

In our store, we present only handmade jewelry designed by talented local artists. So, we kill two birds with one stone (not actual birds, of course), providing a platform for unknown jewelers and allowing them to present their masterpieces, and ensuring a wide assortment of unique custom jewelries for our customers.

In our catalog, the customers can find a perfect gift for their loved ones. The jewelry can reflect individuality and enhance style; they tell a story and highlight personal traits. Moreover, at GemRay, handmade jewelry pieces don’t cost a fortune; we keep our price tags more than reasonable. In our catalog, there are the following gemstones:

  • garnets;
  • amethyst;
  • cat’s eyes;
  • quartz;
  • sardonyx and others.

Gemstones are the heart of our collections, the store concentrates on them, but you can find jewelry made from metal. We make sure that they don’t contain nickel and lead. The designs are always unusual but attractive. Buying gem jewelry in our store means purchasing a one-of-the-kind thing with no replicas and mass-product duplicates.

Our Assortment

We present different jewelry, and every item can be a topic for a long description. It’s hard to stop when it comes to beautiful bracelets from amethyst, agate, pearls. An amazing turquoise anklet with teardrop pendants will highlight the gracefulness of the ankle and create a delightful mood for a beach holiday. The gold cuff with multiple pearls can make you a queen of a party. “Make a wish” bracelets are an interesting option for both memorable and pleasant gifts. You can put a note on the backside of a card to make it more personal. We all have wishes, and the concept of them coming true brings the excitement element to the present.

Don’t forget about earrings to make your look complete. Small gorgeous snakes become a great shiny accessory, giving your face a touch of rebelliousness. If you prefer more calm and philosophical jewelry, look at a pair of earrings with moon phases or studs with the protective eye. The spirit of holiday or celebration requires respective accessories, for example, studs with Champaign glasses. Simple but charming studs with stones are versatile and suit for any outfit.

A beautiful necklace is a remarkable present for every woman. Fascinating designs and stunning gems make these designer pendants simply irresistible. We have selected jewelry for every taste and any occasion. Need a present for Valentine’s Day or want to express your love? Look at multiple heart-shaped necklaces from gemstones and metal. Prefer something more esoterically sophisticated with deep meaning? Choose from Evil Eye necklaces and symbols of Yin Yang. For a dreamy and creative person, a pendant in the form of a moon and a star is perfect. We also have a zodiac collection and the “Gem of the month” series. Each necklace comes with a card where all its symbolic meanings and properties are listed. It’s like a “manual” of using the stone for the best results.

In the next section of the catalog, you can find breathtaking rings. Check out the dainty ring with pearl or cat-eye stones for a more classical and chaste style. There is a perfect complement for the serpent earrings – a little snake dancing on your finger.

We can tell about these masterpieces for eternity, but а picture is worth a thousand words. Visit our website and see for yourself.

Our Goals

First, we want to make your shopping experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. You don’t need to go anywhere; just visit our online store and choose a perfect gift sitting in the armchair and drinking coffee. The choice itself is amazing. You can find custom jewelry for any taste and any circumstances. Moreover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our prices. We keep them at bay so that you can afford to buy your treasure.

For return customers, we offer a loyalty program. With each purchase, you receive a certain amount of “Gems.” Later, they transfer into a considerable discount next time you want to shop in our store. But our care for customers doesn’t end here. Free shipping in an amazingly short time and a return policy make a perfect combination for the best problem-free buying. Needless to say, that we confirm the product safety and absence of heavy metals in it.

Our second goal is to promote local jewelers and small brands with stunning designs and talented artists. They produce unbelievably beautiful and unique items but don’t have the recourses to show them to a primary audience. We provide a platform for such enthusiasts to sell their products and raise their popularity. We consider helping these unknown brands a valuable mission and are determined to continue this way.

We don’t forget about the social responsibilities of every successful project. GemRay transfers 2% of our earnings to the organizations researching breast cancer. Together we can help fight this terrible illness, and by purchasing in our store, you contribute too. We know that our customers support this initiative and want to help as much as we do.

If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to provide fast assistance in live chat. Contact us for explanations on terms of delivery or purchasing, for consultation on any product, and any other issue. Our consultants ensure the best possible service.


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