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Indian Jewellery: Trends for 2012

Jewellery in India is always a big part of the look, but what are the trends for 2012? We take a look at the key jewellery trends for the year ahead. Here’s the chance for Indian fashionistas to take note on style tips for these trends. From classic pearls and shining crystals to unusual mixes and tribal themes, there is something for everyone in this year’s Indian jewellery trends.

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Tribal Themes

Tribal themes have been seen in clothing fashion across the globe for a few years now but it has finally made its way to jewellery. For a truly exotic look, choose warmer colours such as gold and bronze tones. These warm shades look great with pink and red clothing. Tribal motifs may include geometric patterns or even head shapes; turquoise jewels work particularly well with this style.

Confident Crystals

Crystals will always steal the show and the trick this year is to wear them large. But rather than opt for neat and perfectly formed crystals we are talking about unusually shaped organic crystals. These can be incorporated into all jewellery types such as rings, earrings, necklaces and even bangles. The great thing about crystals is that they are often clear and therefore match whatever you are wearing. If you are going to buy one new piece of jewellery this season make it in this trend as it’s hugely versatile.

Vintage Pearls

Pearls come and go like the wind but this season they are vintage, elegant and luxurious. Pearls work particularly well with any classic outfit and especially for evening or formal wear. A set of vintage pearls will give an outfit a sense of timeless style which is hard to beat. Pearls also look good with office wear as they are not too unusual or controversial.

Mix it up

Another huge trend on the Indian jewellery scene for 2012 is mismatching items. Once considered a crime against jewellery fashion, mixing metals, jewels and even styles is a fashion forward way to wear jewellery. It’s natural to opt for a set of matching earrings, necklaces and bracelets but it’s time to think outside the box. The more unusual the mix the better and this look can go with up to the minute clothes trends and is only one for the daring.

Collar Necklace

We’ve had the statement ring now it’s time for the statement necklace. Collar necklaces are again, only for the brave but they can be very flattering and are a great way to divert attention to your face. Not suitable for day to day wear but instead they make a stunning statement with a new evening dress.

This year’s Indian trends in jewellery are diverse and innovative. Classic looks with pearls are suitable for those who wish to play it safe with timeless style while zany mismatches are the choice for the fashion forward girl. Clunky crystals and collar necklaces are sure to make a bold statement while tribal themes tie in with a worldwide trend for all things tribalism.

This guest post was written by freelance writer and fashion lover Francesca, who writes on behalf of P&B.


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