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Wallpaper Start-up Switch Decor and a Street Artist Join hands

Switch Decor Wallpapers

Street Art often gets a bad image but when illustrated by truly skilled artists it can convert a city into a better place. Most people still think of spray paint, tags, and murals when they hear the term street art but some artists have done street art through computer illustrations.

Street Art makes awareness about a culture without saying anything. More and more communities around the world are adding wall art as it helps to increase tourist population.

Switch decor is a company who offers switchable wallpapers that can be installed in minutes, with no costly tools and no expertise needed. If you are from London and loves the art, then you must be familiar with August Melvina’s street art.

August Melvina, a London based street artist, recently joined hands with a start-up ‘Switch Decor’. She is professional graphic artist. She has started the career by painting her neighbours pets in teenage. August earned the title of street art expert as well as specializes in computer illustration.  Her work can be seen around East London.

August Melvina artwork is allusive and rare. On October 23rd, 2018, she announced to be teaming up with London based Start-up wallpaper company Switch Decor who will be selling 1000 signed limited edition canvas prints on November 1st ahead of their full launch early 2019.

It is important to know that Switch decor is Wallpaper Company, founded in 2016 and selling wall art, switchable wallpapers to its happy customers.


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