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The Transition of Jewelry Trends For Fall 2012 to Spring 2013

Judging by the weather and the surroundings, fall isn’t exactly the season which can provide you with bright colors that are believed to boost up one’s mood. This is when the world seems to slowly fall asleep leaf by leaf, one raindrop after another. Spring, on the other hand, is the time when nature wakes up and gives us back some of its stunningly beautiful hues, which also predisposes us to bloom whether in the way we feel or look.

But can this transition be applied in the jewelry trends of fall 2012 and spring 2013? The answer is more in the affirmative, although trends come from designer’s inspiration for the season, and who knows what they will be captured by?

Fall 2012 Jewelry Trends

If you haven’t already noticed, this fall jewelry fashion is the opposite of the ‘less is more’ concept. Stacking up and layering jewelry is one of the trends that you’ve probably seen or already follow. If you mix and match the right pieces, you’ll certainly find the perfect combination that works for you. Just don’t be afraid to try and get creative.

Another spotted tendency is mixing all kinds of metals. This means that you’re allowed to mix copper, brass, gold and silver altogether, but do it with taste. You can easily go overboard once you start rummaging in your jewelry box. Of course, you have to reckon with your clothes to achieve a complete look.

Customization is another fashion trend that succeeded in obsessing the jewelry world this fall. The desire for expressing individuality and personal style reflects in one-of-a kind pieces. Custom-made jewelry is a guilty pleasure, though. But it resembles refined artwork and is a symbol of class. Also, such jewels have the ability to tell a story and carry a meaningful message for their owners.

Spring 2013 Jewelry Trends

Prepare to witness a color splash for the upcoming spring! Jewelry in vibrant tones inspired by the nature’s brightest hues will be on display everywhere. Colors like lemon yellow, coral, and sorbet should definitely be part of your jewelry collection. Such jewels are designed to steal the attention, to fascinate the mind, to stand out. Massive colorful necklaces, bright pendants, variegated earrings, and pop-of-color cuffs will have be presents in every fashionista’s spring outfit.

Fashion Weeks all around the globe show us all there is to know about trendy jewels and baubles. Feathers, turquoise stones, southwest-inspired elements and chunky silver settings are already spotted as major jewelry trends for spring 2013. A stack of bangles seems to be a must, whether thin-wired, two-toned, geometric, peach, jade or pearl-looking ones. Unusual ear pieces in the form of ear cuffs also seem to have a say.

Jewelry is definitely the accessory that can spice up any outfit, dress it up and make your look complete. Therefore, they just have to be present in your closet as much as clothes do. Well, as a true trend follower, you don’t have to be convinced in the need of jewels, do you?

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