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Getting Your Jewellery For Less

Looking for the cheapest jewellery deals can be hard work, and hours on the town can be exhausting! Whether it’s a pair of golden earrings or a handful of diamond rings you’re after, online jewellery shopping can be as rewarding an activity as looking in any shop! There is something satisfying about finding exactly the thing you have been looking at on an online jewellery site, for even cheaper than in the shops!


There are a whole host of swap sites out there, with people putting up requests for something they are after (everything from cars to diamond rings), and other users swapping for their unwanted items. This can be a great way of getting exactly the thing you are looking for, as well as getting rid of the clutter in your jewellery box at the same time! So if you have some unwanted jewellery lying around, why not give it a go?

Buying Online Jewellery

Don’t Be Afraid To Buy Second Hand

Every girl loves to peruse through a jewellery shop for hours on end, looking at the sparkly things and imagining wearing everything they see, but have you ever considered other sources for your jewellery? Pawnbrokers and other second hand shops and sales can be literal goldmines for cheap jewellery of all sorts. If you like a good car boot or jumble sale then you are probably not far from finding a bargain there! Some people will get rid of jewellery you just love, either because they don’t know what it is they are throwing away, or because they might simply have a different taste in jewellery than you. Either way, second hand jewellery is often a bargain!

Friends and Family

Do your friends and family hoard jewellery? It might be worth enquiring if people you know are willing to swap or sell their jewellery, as it probably means you’ll get it for less than store price!

Discounts and Sales

Every shop has to entice customers to browse around, and so if you spot a shop that always seems empty, or even a chain currently closing down shops, keep an eye out for a massive price reduction or closing down sale. Keeping an eye out for sales and discounts is often a great way to get brand named stuff from the big retailers for less than you would expect! So make sure to browse around these shops regularly (a pain I know) so that you will be the first to discover any sale or discount going. It is also not surprising that a particular store’s website may be cheaper than buying in-store; the shops have extra costs such as rent, electricity and staff to pay while having customers shop online reduces their overheads allowing them to drop the prices.

Buy Online

Some time spent browsing through sites like Gumtree and eBay can really turn up great results! While it may not have the same therapeutic effects as window shopping in expensive jewellery shops or having a look through well known online jewellery sites, what you lose in retail therapy you will no doubt quickly gain back in the form of a credit card bill reduction! You can save a huge amount through these sites and they are definitely worth a look whether you know exactly what you want, or you just want some inspiration.

Buying Online Jewellery

So with a little bit of know-how, and some time invested on the internet or browsing around shops you can get just the right jewellery for less than you bargained for! It won’t be long before those earrings are in your ears, and those diamond rings on your fingers without leaving such a hole in your pocket!

Ross Davies writing for DeBretts Online Jewellery the specialists in engagement rings and all types of bespoke jewellery.


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