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How Much Weight Can You Lose With Meal Replacement Shakes?

Meal Replacement Shakes

How Much Weight Can You Lose With Meal Replacement Shakes?

Let’s imagine that you are in desperate efforts to return to a slim body shape but nothing pulls away. And your next way to overcome an excess weight is to take advantage of a diet supplement namely a meal replacement.

I must warn you in advance that this type of diet product is not designed for losing weight in the truest sense of the word. People do use the shakes to reduce the calories consumed within a day. So, we can state that it is an indirect way to your slender shape. But it is better to start from the main thing.

Intended Purpose

It is quite easy to understand the essence of this type of supplement. An adult person’s regular meal without any overabundance is around 800 calories. If you do not limit yourself, this value may be more. At the same time, a regular MR shake offers four or even five times fewer calories providing the same feeling of satiation.

It means you eat less but remain full. In addition, the producers of the MR products attempt to cram them with various nutrients to improve their performance. The idea is simple – a user obtains fewer calories for the purpose of a diet.

If you choose any brand of an MR shake, you will not find a claim about losing weight while lying on the couch. It means that these products are marketed as an aid in your struggle against overweight.

Besides, on the labels of most shakes, you can read a recommendation to follow a low-calorie diet and do more physical activities. So, if you had some fabulous expectations about the effect of the shakes, I have to disappoint you.


The users with positive reinforcement might be willing to increase the weight loss process by replacing most part of their daily meals. Unfortunately, in spite of the intended purpose of the shakes, they are not recommended to use more than two times a day. The reason is simple – you may exhaust your body.

The most effective and advanced MR shake is not capable to replace a wholesome nutrition to the full extent. Thus, an overuse can result in adverse consequences related to the health issues. As a result, your struggle against excess weight may turn into the struggle for your health.

Proper Choice

Some users attempting to shed weight have experienced a reverse effect after they had started taking a meal replacement. It evidences that a proper choice of a shake is as important as to follow a healthy diet. We are not going to promote or advertise the certain brands but keep in mind to avoid the artificial ingredients and watch their content.

Your main enemies in fighting for the slim body are sugar and fats. The amount of these two ingredients should be as low as possible. At the same time, protein and fiber are the demandable elements providing a feeling of satiation. Besides, do not forget to ask the questions like “Is Herbalife Shake safe?” Safety means no damage to your health.


Let’s suppose that you have made a proper choice and opted for a low-calorie diet. How much can you expect to cut back? According to a reliable study, you should not count on the huge results but you can shed around six pounds within the three months of a low-calorie diet with two shakes per day.

Although the results are not supernatural, they are achieved without any torture and stress to your body. Unlike most other ways of losing weight, a diet consisting of two MR shakes per day and other meals for a total value of 2,000 calories is not difficult to follow.



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