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The Truth About ViSalus Shakes

Visalus Shakes

An improper choice of a diet shake can bring not only a dissatisfaction with the performance but also an adverse reaction if a product is packed with synthetic and hazardous components. Unfortunately, it is difficult to dig out the truth about a certain supplement because its producers are not interested in such a scenario.

The products sold via the so-called MLM (multi-level marketing) form a special group of the diet supplements. The idea is simple – they expand their network by praising a certain product. You can easily detect such companies because they have a huge number of representatives claiming that their product is the cheapest and most effective solution to make you fit.

Meet another MLM company named ViSalus. The company’s representatives also market the products made by this company and you may find a huge number of reviews. The problem is that you will face a problem in distinguishing the real opinions from the fake ones. In this article, we will attempt to get at the truth of the matter based on the clear mind and rational thinking.

Safety of ViSalus Shakes

When talking about safety we should review the content of the product to see which components are natural and healthy and which ones may cause damage. If you look at the nutrition label, you will find numerous ingredients that are fraught with danger.

Let’s start with sucralose. This artificial sweetener can be found on the labels of the European products under the number E955. It has numerous other names such as Splenda or SucraPlus.

A digestive system does not recognize this component making it a frequent ingredient in the weight loss products. Craving sugar is a sign that sucralose is contained in a supplement because it is known to cause addiction.

The soy protein is often criticized as an allergen. Do not confuse a processed form of soy with the organic soy. The processed form has numerous issues. Due to the content of endocrine disruptive compounds in soy, you can experience a risk of bladder cancer, kidney stones, breast cancer, and other diseases.

The other components of the shake are mostly preservatives and hormones to ensure a long-life of a product.

Can I Lose Weight?

The best way to reveal a weight loss benefit of the ViSalus Shakes is to discard the overpraising and ultra-negative feedbacks and focus on the golden mean of a user’s opinion. The verdict is not so optimistic as the company’s claims.

Indeed, the content of Vi-Shape does not offer some components known for the significant weight loss properties. An accumulation of preservatives and ingredients of poor quality cannot result in a satisfactory result in weight management.

The ViSalus shakes act as the true predators and use their attractive claims to allure their victims among the people suffering from overweight. Sometimes being desperate may trigger us to believe in a miracle that eventually turns into a scam.


We are not going to specify the advantages and disadvantages of this brand. The fact is that the ViSalus shakes cannot meet the user’s’ overstated expectations caused by the broad statements of the company.


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