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It’s All In The Jewels For Men

Gone are the days when men had to stick to navy, grey or black tshirts, keep their pots of hair wax at the back of the bathroom cabinet like a dirty secret and use shower gel for hair, face and body. Now when you pull a deep v necked pink tshirt out of the laundry basket it could be your sons or daughters and the bathroom cabinet is fully loaded with texturizing hair spray, volumising shampoo and various fruity body butters. Looking your best is no longer something your friends will cause you great embarrassment over in the locker room, more likely they will be complementing you on your new hairstyle or choice of watch.

This leap forward for mankind also comes in the form of accessories (or “add on’s” for want of a less girly phrase) which pull an outfit together and gives you your finishing touch. A mans jewellery collection no longer stops at his faithful wrist watch and favourite cufflinks but extends to a pair of earrings, a necklace, a couple of rings and some bracelets. Fear not, yes in black and white print these may seem like ridiculous items for a man to even consider let alone wearing but the stats speak for themselves.

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For the more caveman male amongst us think Vikings and Romans; specifically plaited or woven leather bracelets with wooden or steel beads which give any outfit a casual feel but add an individual and fashionable touch to your everyday jeans and tshirt combo. For our James Bonds there are the classic cufflinks and although they provide a much needed function this doesn’t mean they need to be boring. Coloured cufflinks can be the final detail to a polished suited and booted look matching with the tie, handkerchief, shirt or even cravat if you’re feeling particularly fancy. It’s the little details that are often overlooked by men but always noticed by women so don’t let a good suit down with bad cufflinks. And finally for the Jay Z’s; diamond studs and dog tags can complement baggy jeans and a pair of ear phones quite nicely and don’t need to have sold a million records to be able to afford them.

Go for something that truly reflects what you’re about rather than what’s on trend. If you love going down to the beach early in the morning that dog tag is not going to get worn as much as a few beaded bracelets would have.

Make your accessories personal.

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