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Tips On Buying A Custom Suit

A men’s suit is a classy attire that helps make a fashion statement without looking silly or over the top. This versatile piece of clothing can be worn at important events or meetings, or even for dinners at lavish hotels. When buying a suit, you can go off-the-rack or custom. Custom or bespoke suits are comparatively expensive, but they are also more popular because you have a direct say in the whole suit-making process. If you are looking to buy a custom suit, the following tips shall help you tailor-make the right one for you.

Have a Basic Idea

Having a general idea of what you want in your custom suits is important. However, it shouldn’t be at the expense of not being willing to explore your choices in terms of patterns, ideas, and styles. In other words, you should have a basic idea of the occasion you’d be wearing the suit, which would help you look for options in that particular suit segment.

Have a Budget

As aforementioned, custom suits don’t come cheap. Have a budget in place so you know what you’re playing with and what your options are like. A predetermined budget would help you learn your material, design, and brand choices. Do not, however, focus too much on brands. Instead, focus on the suit type and adjust as required.

Keep It Simple

If it’s your first time buying a custom suit, you do not want to be overwhelmed by the myriad of colour and pattern choices. However, if you are certain about what you need, then you may experiment with colours and styles. If not, stick with the basic hues, such as black, grey, and navy blue.

Get the Fitting Right

Slim fits are in vogue, and for the right reasons. They hug your body well in the right places, without feeling too tight or confining. When trying on the fit, check if the suit restricts your body’s movements. The right fitting is not just about the suit accentuating your body shape, but it’s about comfort too. If the suit is too tight or loose, it would impact how you carry yourself in the suit.

Custom Suit

And do not forget the trousers. The objective of a pair of well-fitting trousers is to lengthen your body or at least create that illusion. A long leg, minimal break, and narrow opening help add visual height easily. Make sure the trousers you wear below the jacket conform to these rules.

Choose Proper Fabric

With custom suits, you get multiple fabric choices, which include cotton, linen, cashmere, wool, and silk. During winter, thicker wool, flannel or tweed work the best. Fabrics with a lot more breathability, such as silk, cotton, or linen, should be your choice if you want to withstand the summer heat. Choose a suit material considering when you’ll be wearing the suit and also your region’s general climate. Most importantly, listen to your inner voice. If a fabric feels right, then it certainly is.

The Little Details

  • Buttons: Two-buttoned jackets are a safe choice, especially if it’s your first time wearing a suit. These jackets also have a classic vibe to them.
  • Lapel: The lapel shape and size can significantly alter the look of your suit. Generally, notch lapels are the safest option. If you are confident of carrying more extravagance and flair, peak lapels would be ideal. Slim lapels offer a contemporary appearance; wider lapels, on the other hand, offer a bolder look. Ideally, the lapel’s width must match your tie’s width.
  • Shoulder padding: Padded, thick shoulders work best for business meetings and boardrooms. Shoulders with no or little padding provide ease of movement and increased comfort. If you want a modern look, ditch the pad and go with a natural shoulder.

Engage with the Best

Most importantly, work with the right tailor. The right tailor is not necessarily the best in town, popular, or someone who charges a premium for his/her services. Remember, expensive services do not always mean the best results. The right tailor is someone who specializes in suits, is not inundated with job orders, is willing to listen to your every requirement, and doesn’t charge a bomb for the service. If it’s your first time buying a custom suit, get custom suit tailor references from your friends or colleagues.


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