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How to Keep Personal Style Respectable When You Stop Caring About Your Look

Losing It

So a man reaches his mid-30’s and feels he is at the end of the road. There is nothing left for him in the world, he simply does not care about how he looks anymore and boy, can you tell this from what he is wearing.

Whether it is because of insecurities that creep in with old age, or more of a sense of fulfilment and the lack of a need to crave attention, men’s fashion often goes down the toilet as they approach their mid to late 30s’. Out goes the stylish denim, great looking patterned shirts and fitted t-shirts, and in come ill-fitting dress trousers, bland shirts, and dodgy knitwear that you would not wish on someone even in their 90’s that lives in a nursing home.

So even though you don’t care, why should you still try and maintain a smart and sophisticated sense of style at all times?

Tom Cruise

Taylor Lautner

Leonardo DiCaprio

Johnny Depp

Dwayne Johnson

Midlife Crisis

Thanks to idiots, or as you might want to call them, “real men” like Jeremy Clarkson, dressing like a buffoon has become all the rage among men of a certain age. Unless you are having a midlife crisis, there is really no need to start looking like you have dressed in the dark.

Although you long stopped caring about designer labels and brand names inside your wardrobe, you still need to project a stylish image, an air of respectability, at all times. The refusal to continue dressing well, regardless of your own feelings, can be frankly placed on a par with the mouthy, adolescent, teenager who cannot manage to wear a tie correctly for five hours of a day while they are at school.

No-one cares that you don’t care anymore, you are expected to have an image and you need to stick to it.

What to Wear

While you will probably naturally want to tone down your style to be more conservative, you do not need to lose it altogether. If you have kept yourself in shape, be it through a healthy diet or going to the gym on a regular basis, then you can keep the stylish denim and fitted t-shirts.

Instead of changing the clothes you wear, just adapt the colours to become more understated and develop a “strong and silent” type of style. Go for pastel colours so you are not dragged into the doom and gloom of black and grey all of the time, and ensure you have a stylish blazer to dress up any t-shirt and jeans combination.

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