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How to Get That Glamorous Hollywood Look

Ah, to have lived in the glamorous fifties! Hollywood starlets back then were truly captivating and seemed like they were from another world that sparkled and shone and where everything was perfect!

So okay, that wasn’t exactly true – but it didn’t stop the stars of this vintage era looking beautifully exotic and enchanting!

Want to get a little bit of that 1950’s glamour yourself? It’s more than possible! Here are my top tips to get the look…

Glamorous Hollywood Look

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1. Red Lipstick

What was the one thing every Hollywood starlet was never without? Red lipstick of course!

This vibrant, stand-out colour instantly adds a primed, finished look to any outfit and makes it look like you’ve put far more effort into your appearance than you really have.

So, whip out the lippy and don’t forget to team it with a small but perfectly formed ‘beauty spot’ – a simple dot of eyeliner will do the trick!

Check out this video for a full tutorial on the 1950’s makeup look.

2. Keep It Demure

Glamour in the fifites was all about dressing up! Ladies liked that ‘finished’ look that said their outfit was a well thought-out masterpiece, not just a random assortment of clothing thrown together in the morning.

50’s girls loved to show off their curves, but in a classy way. There were no low-cut necklines or high hemlines here!

Instead, look for dresses with that typical 50’s silhouette, nipped in at the waist and flaring out below – yes, down to your knees ladies! This creates the illusion of a curvy, hourglass figure but in an understated and demure way that is oh-so-ladylike.

3. Stay In Control

There were no untamed manes in the glamorous fifties!

Hair was as well thought-out and perfected as the beautiful outfits were, with not one strand of hair out of place.

There are plenty of hairstyles to choose from, mostly up-dos, but they all share one thing in common – rollers! Use these (well, or cheat and use a curling iron) and a little hairspray to set your locks into beautiful curls to complete your 1950’s transformation.

4. Create a Boudoir

A glamorous woman needs an equally glamorous setting to show it off in! Once you’ve got the hair, makeup and fashion sorted, why not give your bedroom a lovely, boudoir makeover fit for a real Hollywood starlet?

Adorn your room with luxury furniture such as a mirrored dresser or a velvet-upholstered stool, and cover the bed with silky-soft, satin sheets.

Then pop on a floor-sweeping satin dressing gown whilst you powder your face, and you really will think you’ve stepped back in time!

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