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Gilets And Their Rise To Fashion Fame

The gilet is the new winter favourite and it’s an item that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere fast. A gilet is a timeless piece that goes with anything; it can be layered over knit wear, a long sleeved t-shirt or even your favourite casual shirt and it provides you with instant warmth. They are a great accessory and look amazing; they even have pockets big enough for everything you’ll need through the day. The gilet is another one of those items that can be used at any time of year and can be worn with pretty much anything you like.

The gilet originated in 19th century France and was a completely different piece to the one we know today. The gilet was purely intended to be a fashion accessory and had no real purpose, completely different to the modern body warmer. The 19th century French gilet was more of a waistcoat and was worn as an accompaniment to a formal shirt and they were intended solely for men. Heading into the 20th century the gilet became more recognisable as the timeless piece that we know today; it was padded and was worn by the fans of the great outdoors for all kinds of outdoor activities. The gilet also become popular with all kinds of sportsmen; horse riders, hunters and even fishermen deemed the gilet a ‘must have’ piece of kit that kept them warm while also giving them full arm movability – an invaluable addition.

Fashion Fame

The 1990s however, destroyed the prowess of the gilet and created the fur lined body warmer which was the chosen accessory of many boy bands of the day. These so called gilets were available in many brash colours including neon yellow, pink and orange – not a great look.

2011 saw the revive of the timeless classic gilet in Jean Paul Gaultier’s autumn fashion show; since then the gilet’s never left our wardrobe and has once again become a year round favourite. The best thing about a gilet is definitely the fact that it can be worn with anything. They are available for men and women in a variety of colours and styles. There’s the classic hunting style that you can find by turning to brands like Barbour or the thinner, yet still warm, more modern look gilets. Whatever you choose, make it a staple piece in your wardrobe because it’s not going out of fashion any time soon.

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