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Dressing For Surviving the Outdoors

Whether it’s your first time on a hunting trip or riding, or you’re going on one of many fishing trips, you will want to dress appropriately for the weather, the terrain and where you expect to be. While that doesn’t mean fitting yourself out with survival gear and traipsing around with a machete, it does mean finding appropriate outdoor clothing.

Thick Fabrics Will Protect You and Last Longer

While it’s perfectly alright to throw on a thin cotton t-shirt (or a lace blouse if you’re a girl) and go out pretty much anywhere, these fabrics might not hold up very well if you end up having to go through bushes or branches. If you’re going outdoors, look for thicker country style fabrics such as flannel, tweed, moleskin and etc. These fabrics will also have the added benefit of preventing any bloodthirsty insects from getting through your clothes and to your skin.

Pockets Are Incredibly Useful

Chances are you don’t want to carry around a huge backpack, but you don’t want to leave essentials like bug spray or your cell phone behind either. Look for clothing with pockets, especially those that snap closed to prevent anything from falling out. You can find anything from pocketed pants or trousers to gilets and vests that are more utilitarian than decorative. Pockets can be of service pretty much anywhere outdoors, hiking, fishing or riding horses, whatever. Just make sure you don’t put anything valuable in a pocket that doesn’t close.

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Check the Expected Weather Before You Go Out

Any experienced outdoorsman knows that you can never rely on weather, so you should always be prepared for it. Check to see what your local weatherman expects and bring clothes along for the conditions. You can find sturdy waterproof jackets that might double as windbreakers, fleeces, fur lined caps, gloves and all sorts of cold weather gear. Remember that the weather can change rapidly and if you’re out for more than a few hours, you may want to bring along a hooded vest or sweater in case it starts to rain.

Shoe Collections Are For Everyone

You probably know that a pair of tennis shoes should be used for tennis or that sneakers are more comfortable for walking in, but did you know that it’s handy to have shoes for outdoors as well. For example if you’re going fishing in water, you might want to consider purchasing a pair of waterproof boots.  These come in all sorts of sizes including thigh high in case you’re going to be wading in deep water. On the other hand if you’re going to hike, you should definitely invest in a pair of hiking boots. These are more durable than sneakers and will protect your feet from the dangers of the trail. Most hiking boots also have very thick tread, meaning it’s harder to slip if the road gets a little slick.  However, don’t think you have to invest in a brand new pair of shoes for each outdoor sport you do. If you ride, hike, fish and more; try finding one or two pairs that suit some activities. For example, waterproof boots can be used for fishing, and you can probably use a good quality pair of hiking boots for riding, so long as you don’t plan to show the horse in them.

Practical Doesn’t Mean Ugly

The main point of finding good outdoor wear is to find something practical and sturdy that will get you through your day.  However, that doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. You can find a lot of very interesting and fashionable country-wear that you might even want to incorporate into your everyday fashions. For example, gilet’s and vests are all the rage and you can really wear a good pair of boots just about anywhere.

If you’re planning on going outside, make sure you are prepared. Remember to research what you intend to buy and if you purchase it on the internet then compare the sizing chart to your measurements to make sure you get the right size.

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