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Summer Fashion Must Haves

This season is a season of bright colours, bold patterns and blacks and whites. The fashion is cool, comfortable and elegant combining items of clothing with accessories to make the perfect outfit for any summer occasion.

Summer Dresses

The one item of clothing that should be found in every woman’s wardrobe around the country is a summer dress. This season summer dresses are just above the knee, halter necks or shoestring straps. Don’t worry, the maxi dress is still in, these are elegant and sophisticated and make you feel beautiful when you wear them as the flow when you walk, keep you cool on a hot day and simply look amazing.

Summer dresses are perfect for any occasion whether you are walking the dog in the park or heading off to a barbeque party, with the right shoes and bag, this dress can be a masterpiece.


Playsuits are an essential item of clothing for every woman this summer. These all in one short suits are available in bright colours, floral designs and plain patterns. Dress then up with a belt or where them as is.


These are comfortable and will become your favourite piece of clothing that you own this summer.  Made from lightweight material, these suits are guaranteed to keep you cool on a hot summer’s day. Wear them with strappy sandals when heading out for the day or dress then up with a nice pair of high heel sandals if you are going to an evening party.


Shorts are and always will be an essential part of any wardrobe for both men and women. This year the women’s shorts are half length, this means they are half way up the thigh; they come in some bright colours with mint green being the firm favourite. Made from cotton, they keep you cool on warmer days and are the ideal choice for most occasions whether heading to the beach or walking the dog in the park.



Your kaftan will become an essential piece of clothing for the hotter days. These lightweight and cool items of clothing can be thrown on over a swimsuit when at the beach or combined with shorts to make a stunning outfit when heading to a friend’s house for the afternoon.

Kaftans are available in bright colours, bold patterns and offer a style of elegance and comfort.



Every wardrobe needs a pair of sandals whether they are platforms, wedged, heeled or flats. Strappy sandals are very in this season, available in a wide assortment of colours and styles. You can choose one pair to compliment all your summer clothing, or you can buy a couple of pairs to wear with each particular outfit.

new sandals for 2012


Big is still in this year, large framed sunglasses offer you a sophisticated style. You can remember the older movies with the woman sitting in a little convertible car with her scarf blowing in the wind and her large sunglasses framing her face. These are the sunglasses that have become so fashionable for this year.

sunglasses 2012


For the summer months a hat is a must have, there are some great choices available from straw hats to cotton, large brims to caps. Always ensure you keep a hat at hand, you never know when you will need it. You need to protect your face from the harmful UV rays and combining a great hat with sunscreen; you can ensure your skins safety.

summer hat 2012

Your Bag

There are two things that most women love, these are shoes and bags. Handbags this year are big, bright and bold. The bigger the bag the better, the more you can fit into it. Think carefully when selecting your bag for the summer to ensure you can fit all your essentials into it, it compliments your summer wardrobe and offers you the practicality you need.

Bag 2012 summer

Don’t forget to always have playsuits in your wardrobe. Lightweight, comfortable and stylish, these can be worn for most occasions and will soon become your favourite item of clothing.


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