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4 Ways to Make Yourself Over for 2013

This time of year, everyone is thinking about ways to make the next one better. Whether you decide to look for a new job, want to find a special someone, or just need to boost your self-esteem; making physical changes gives you a fresh new look for 2013. Makeovers are all the rage for good reason – they make you feel special. Now is the time to rethink the wardrobe or finally get that tooth fixed with some San Antonio cosmetic dentistry. Here are four places to start your makeover adventure for 2013.

Get a Bob

For a proper makeover, begin at the top and work down. Now is the time to treat yourself to the works at the locale saloon or day spa. Things to consider trying include a color change, highlights, styling, facial, manicure and pedicure. If money is tight, just a cut will do fine. Either way, the stylist will know the best look for your face. While you are in the chair, pick her brain about makeup and clothing trends too.

Get a Bob

Change your Color Palette

The next stop is the department store cosmetic counter for help picking out shades that flatter your face. If a full makeup makeover is too expensive, limit your choices to eye shadow, blush and lipstick.

Guys looking for a makeover should stop here too. The staff at the store can help select cologne and other sundries to improve your style.

Update the Wardrobe

Weed through your clothes and donate anything that is out-of-date, then see what you have left. Buying a few staple items creates a completely new wardrobe. Some department stores offer free personal shoppers that define your style, or as an alternative, take a friend whose taste you admire shopping with you. Look for the basics, a couple of pairs of pants, a few tops and maybe a jacket – things that go well with the clothes you salvaged. If it helps, take pictures of what is left of your wardrobe to use as a reference while creating new outfits.

Smile and the Whole World Smiles with You

When planning a makeover, don’t forget your teeth. Posh clothes and perfect colors all lose value if your teeth are dingy. A thorough cleaning, and maybe a bleach treatment, will give your teeth a makeover too. Texas residents can make an appointment with a San Antonio cosmetic dentistry service for an evaluation. The staff can advise you on techniques to brighten your smile.


A makeover is an obtainable resolution going into 2013 if you take your time and make changes slowly to accommodate your budget. You have all year to build a new you.

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