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Get A Toner Sexier Booty With These 4 Simple Methods

Toner Sexier Booty

Get A Toner Sexier Booty With These 4 Simple Methods

Out with the big bust and in with the curvy toned behind. That is the trend these days and to help you keep up, we have comprised a list of the 4 different ways you can create your toner / sexier booty!

1) Squats, Squats And More Squats!

You must know by now, I mean how couldn’t you? It is basically plastered all over social media, in fact there is not one day where I don’t see a post about Squats on Facebook. For all of you that somehow missed this number 1 training exercise, then you must jump on it as soon as possible, especially if you want that toned and round buttocks. If you are already going to the gym then that is great as you will have more than enough equipment to really get the most out of this exercise. But for those that don’t attend a gym then not to worry as to get start you don’t need any weights at all, check out how to squat at

2) Lose Weight / Reduce Cellulite

To get that toned behind you are going to want to lose the fattening ugly looking cellulite. To do this you need to both lose weight and tone muscle. Start off with a weight loss diet, make sure you are eating 300 calories less than your maintenance calories. Next, focus on leg exercises whenever you workout. Try the Stairmaster, squats, deadlifts or the running machine to really focus on toning those leg muscles. If you are having trouble sticking to your diet or losing weight / reducing cellulite around your legs, consider a weight loss supplement from or one of those new targeted fat burning creams.

 Toner Sexier Booty

3) Protein Is Your friend

Protein can help with both the toning of muscle and also with the losing of weight. It provides the nutrients needed to support not only a toner and stronger legs but also it is great for your hair, nails and skin! Protein is also one of the few macronutrients that actually helps reduce present hunger as well as hunger in the near future. You can get protein from foods like salmon, chicken, soy beans and other types of meat, additionally you can also use a protein supplement.

4) Stay Away From Sugar

To get a toner and sexier booty you need to be motivated to both workout and stick to your diet. Sugar promote the opposite as too much of it can increase hungry pangs and further delay the feeling of fullness. In fact too much sugar in your diet can lead to diabetes and prevent / hinder the body’s natural fat burning process.



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