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This Realtor In Denver Looks Just Like Usher

Realtor In Denver
The Denver real estate market has been on a tear in recent years. Denver condos, homes and lofts are being built at an incredible pace. When a boom market occurs, speculators enter the market. This is true on both sides of the equation. Denver homes see huge price increases when they are put up for sale and sold in a matter of days. There are many speculative Denver real estate agents as well. These are young agents looking to make a quick buck in the Denver real estate market.

Been Going On For Years

Nick Coram is a Colorado Native that loves to snowboard and teach yoga. He has owned his own real estate company (www.303homefinder.com) for 3 years now. He lives a quiet and minimalist life, with one exception: Nick happens to look like the famous R&B singer Usher Raymond.

“It’s been going on for years,” Nick explains. “My first memory of it happening was in 7th grade when two girls asked me to be in the talent show with them because I looked like him.”

Looking Like Him Is not Too Bad for Business

According to the Colorado native, looking like a celebrity is not too bad for his realty business. He is experienced Realtor In Denver.

“Gosh no! If anything, my clients get a kick out of it and I really don’t mind posing for a pic every now and then.”

He adds, “I actually find it sort of funny when they tell their friends that Usher is their Realtor.”

“To be honest, I’m just grateful for the opportunity to do what I love in a city that makes me happy. Real estate is all about marketing, and I suppose looking like Usher is my niche, but I’m happy to say that I am really good at what I do, and my clients will agree!”

Sure there are some downsides

“Of course there are some downsides!” he says with a laugh. “I’m really not a fan of people randomly taking my picture, and then acting like nothing happened when I ask them to stop. I also don’t like how people often save me in their phone as Usher, because that is obviously not my name. Overall, these are very small problems.  He’s not bad looking and really in great shape, so I try to take it as a compliment. It tends to get old after the 5th or 6th time in a day!”

Realtor In Denver

He Has Jokes TOO

“Now I just joke with people by pretending that I have never heard of him. It’s really funny to see people try to explain he who is to me by pulling up pictures. After a minute or so I normally start casually quoting his songs in conversation. Oh man, the looks on people’s faces are so funny when they realize that’s something he has said, and then they try to explain that to me too.”

Can You Sing and Dance Like Him?

“I get asked this question often too. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to dance. So yes, I think I can dance. I also really enjoy singing! I would never say that I am at the caliber of Usher. Let’s just say that there’s a reason I’m in real estate: I’m a lot better at helping people buy and sell houses in Denver then I am at performing on stage.”

If you are interested in meeting Nick to see if he really does look like Usher. His company www.303homefinder.com will be hosting a series of fun events in Denver Colorado. He has also made his contact information available on his website if you are looking for a great place to live in Denver Colorado or its surrounding areas!


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