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Selling Custom Printed T-shirts in a Modern Market

Starting your own custom T-shirt printing business can be a fun and exciting time. There is a whole world of opportunity waiting for you; the days of only selling from a little shop in the mall are over. There are many ways to move stock and make a handsome profit.

Custom Printed T-shirts

Fairs and Flea Markets

One way to avoid having to pay rent for a traditional brick and mortar store is selling your t-shirts at flea markets and fairs. Fairs are popular in the spring, summer, and fall and attract a lot of families and young people. Contact fair organizers about renting a table. For a relatively low cost, there is a potential to see a lot of people in just a few hours. Print up a few eye catching shirts and display them for passersby to see. Stand in front of your table to draw people in and answer any questions they may have. You never know when someone will be walking by who is in charge of the prom committee, a family reunion, or a fundraiser. Selling at flea markets is highly similar to selling at fairs, except at a flea market you may have more direct competition. With that in mind, take a walk around the market that you’re working. Make sure that your prices and services are competitive with others who are also selling custom printed T-shirts.

Online Market Options

The internet has done wonders for small business owners. With little more than a computer and a high speed connection, you have the opportunity to market your wares to millions of people who would have never heard of you otherwise. There are many lucrative options for custom T-shirt sales online:

Auction Websites – There are two ways to sell on an auction website and you should try them both to see what works best for your products. The first is to sell custom T-shirts in individual auctions. The second is to create a store within the auction website.

Online Stores – Selling your products online is an easy way to have a storefront of your own. Many Internet service providers have inexpensive e-commerce plugins. Regardless of whether or not you want to sell online, you should have a marketing website.

Classified Ads – There are many free or low cost places online to place classified ads selling your products. Do not forget to take advantage of this simple way to sell your products.

Social Networks

When you start your custom printed T-shirt business, one easy way to start getting interest in your products is word of mouth. Let friends and acquaintances know that you have started your business and what you will be selling. Take this to the next level by creating social media pages. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, there are many technologically-savvy companies that can devise a social networking strategy for your new company.

There is more than one way to sell custom printed T-shirts and be successful. Trying different strategies is an excellent way to learn what works best for you.

Josephine Gibson is a freelance writer for Her interests include business and marketing led her to discover the world of custom t-shirt printing.


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