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Print your Desired Images on your Favorite T-Shirts

People, especially youngsters are all so much into trend these days. People like to stay updated to the latest trends and change their fashion accordingly.

T-shirts and printed T-shirts:

The trend of wearing T-shirts is common among both males as well as females. People love to wear T-shirts as they are both trendy and also comfortable wearing in any climate. There are different models of T-shirts available these days with different prints. The trend changes very often and people demand them more.

One can now grab the exciting opportunity to style their own T-shirts by getting them printed with design they desire. One can also get embroidery done in their T-shirts. This incredible facility is now available and one can design their own T-shirts.

What is screen printing?

It is a method where stencil is used to obtain the desired design. This method is known as stencil printing method. In this method, the design is kept on a screen, which is a fine mesh. The areas that are blank are then filled with a substance, which is impermeable. This is done prior to forcing the ink into the mesh through the open portions. This method is also known as serigraphy or silkscreen.

printed T-shirts

Technique used:

A special technique is used to print the image. Initially, the design that is to be printed is reproduced on an acetate sheet with the help of printer. The printed sheet is then kept on the screen, which is a mesh and this screen is coated with an emulsion that is photo-reactive. This coated screen is then exposed to ultraviolet light. The light is then passed through the areas that are clear and this creates a polymerization or hardening of the coated emulsion. The entire screen is washed and the areas that were not exposed to the UV light get washed away as they dissolve. This leaves a negative of the image that is on the mesh. The screen that is finished with all the above processes is then placed over the desired garment on which the image has to be printed. Then, the ink is forced using a squeegee through the areas that are open in the mesh to the area that is desired.

Further process:

For each different color that is used in the particular design, a different screen has to be used. Different ink colors are passed each in different turns. Once the design is printed, it is kept for drying so that the design gets set and this is done with the help of a dryer. This is done so that the inks used in the design will not get washed or faded away when it is used. This helps the prints to last long and thus adds to the quality of the T-shirts.

The advantage of owning one:

Anyone can now own these incredible T-shirts of the finest quality with beautiful prints and embroidery. One can be assured about the quality of prints and the lasting of the embroidery that is done on these T-shirts. One can choose their desired print and get them printed on their T-shirts.


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