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Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

With Valentines day almost upon us, its time to start thinking of what special gift to give your loved one. As it’s one of the most romantic days of the year many men will be wondering about Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. Some of you may wait till the last moment to decide on something to get for her, or you may be the type of man who likes to prepare in advance. Either way it is really important on this most romantic day of the year that you do something to show you care.

Here are a few ideas below which are sure to show you love and care.

Dinner – Plan a romantic meal just for the two of you. Plan ahead if you have children and make sure you have a sitter for the evening. Take her to her favorite restaurant or her favorites chefs restaurant for a evening to remember. If there’s no sitter available or moneys tight cook a romantic candle light meal in for the both of you. Put the kids to bed early, run a romantic scented bath for her, put some of her favorite romantic music on. So while she’s relaxing you can start to cook a feast for the both of you.

Roses / Flowers – Find out what your loves ones favorite flowers are and then send them to her at work or at home with a note telling her exactly how she makes you feel. Red roses are normally given on Valentines day to show love however some women prefer other flowers such as Lilly’s or orchids. So make sure in advance what your loved ones favorite flowers are.

Chocolates / Candy – Send your loved one her favorite chocolates or candy along with a card saying how much you care.

Jewelry – Women love jewelry – if your looking at sending your loved one some jewelry this Valentines day, how about a heart pendant with a photo of the two of you inside. Alternatively you may wish to buy a piece of jewelry engraved to your loved one.

Lingerie – Women like to feel sexy and desired by their loved one so a nice piece of lingerie is also a good gift idea for this special day.

Whatever gift you decide to give your loved one this valentines day, make it as unique to her as you can. Gifts of cooking pots and pans, can openers, and other kitchen appliances I would steer clear from unless she has specifically asked for one of these items from you.

Try and make your gift to her as personal and as unique to her as you can. It will then not only show how much you love her but also how much you know your loved one. Valentines day doesn’t have to be about how much money you have spent but it should show how much you love her.

Happy Valentines Day!

Author: Dawn says she uses to send her valentines a gift. This saves the wrapping process as you can put many gifts in a gift bag rather than wrapping just one!

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