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How to Dress To Your Plus-Size Body Type

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and thankfully, so does attire. However, with so many fashion options to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming deciding which options work best for your body type. For instance, a woman who has a pear-shape can’t pull off the same look as a women who has a more apple-like figure. If you want to dress your best, here are some tips, so you can look like Hollywood fashionistas like Rihanna and Kate Middleton, no matter your specific body type.


While colors of the season are always hot, you may want to steer toward the darker colors. Colors like coal black and navy blue help to make you look slimmer. Dark gray and brown also are very flattering for a plus-size figure. A deep mahogany brown is always a hit for autumn and can make your curvaceous figure pop.

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When you’re looking for a party dress, even though dark colors may appear dismal, you can utilize the power of accessories to spice up your look. Not to mention, a little black dress is quite seductive and sexy. In addition, dark colors give a professional appearance when you’re selecting an ensemble for work.


Vertical stripes give the appearance of additional height, so if you’re short, this can really enhance your stature. Even small pinstripes on pants or on a blouse or jacket will elongate your body and make you appear thinner. When there are small pinstripes on a top, it will create the look of a longer looking torso. Keep in mind, smaller stripes work the best at create a slimmer figure, while larger stripes may be more of distraction and have the completely opposite effect. Small patterns with minimal space in between each design are most appealing.

When browsing through plus size party dresses, remember that you don’t have to forgo glitter. The glitz and glam of a sparkly dress adds to your look, so you’ll be more like one of the sultry celebs on the red carpet. Additionally, don’t hesitate to try on several different types of patterns until you find the one that is ideal for your body type. Not all styles work for every shape or size, so have fun and experiment.

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Dressing for Your Body

Choosing from a vast selection of plus size party dresses can be a little challenging, especially for the indecisive; however, choosing one of the plus size party dresses should always be a decision that is based on your body. For example, opt for dresses or casual wear that accentuate your positive attributes and hide any of the parts of your body that you may be a little self-conscious about.

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