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Dress to Impress but Stay Warm This Winter

With each season comes a different set of clothing and different styles. The cold winter months leave many women wearing long and layered clothing to keep warm. While this clothing can keep you cozy, you may look in the mirror and not like what you see: a plain and dull outfit. Putting together trendy outfits that make you stand out and also keep you warm and comfortable can feel like a hassle. But it doesn’t have to! There are simple fashion tricks you can do to help your winter wardrobe appear fashionable and you can remain comfortable.

Whether you prefer jeans or winter dresses, a button down shirt or a solid colored V-neck, there are ways you can boost your winter wardrobe no matter what type of clothing you wear.

Add a fashionable scarf

Since it’s the winter, of course you can’t go wrong by wearing a scarf. You have various colors, patterns and materials to choose from to complement your outfit. Also, not only will a scarf keep you warm but there are tons of ways you can wear it.  You can keep it simple with the traditional double wrap, or get trendier with a fashion knot. Scarfs are particularly great for days when you wear plain or solid shirts and want something quick to jazz up your wardrobe.

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Flaunt an accent belt

Wearing an accent belt is a simple way to make your outfit truly stand out. Just place the belt around your rib cage, and in an instant, your outfit will go from dull to trendy. Whether you want to wear a pair of jeans and a shirt, or a dress, these belts look great wrapped around either. You can find them in different width sizes, whether you want a small belt or something wider, and you have a range of colors to match or help your outfit stand out.

Show some leg!

Wearing a dress in the winter may sound daring, unless it falls to your ankles, or you have a formal event to attend to and stockings can do for the time being. But, if you want to wear a winter dress for any occasion and stay warm, then leggings may just be the answer you’re looking for. Leggings are a warm way to show off your legs and you have a variety of colors and materials to choose from. Also, leggings go great with a pair of boots, especially if you want to show off your boots, and they also complement a nice pair of flat sandals, if the weather permits.


Dressing fashionable yet staying comfortable during the winter doesn’t have to be difficult! With just a few fashion tricks, you can show off trendy outfits and not have to sacrifice experiencing discomfort.

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