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3 Types of Neckties Every Man Should Own


3 Types of Neckties Every Man Should Own

Neckties can be an awkward topic. Most men have to learn about them on the fly, as opposed to other articles of clothing. If your office job doesn’t require you to wear a tie, you probably don’t get too much of an opportunity to wear one.

After all…most men don’t know the right amount to have. Often, men are gifted neckties by people who don’t know what else to gift them.

Which of these ties should you actually keep? Which are stylish, and which aren’t?

People mean well, but when you get gift neckties by people who don’t know what to look for…as a result, you get ties of all patterns.

Plaid, polka dots, you name it.

In that case, make sure that you get familiar with, and invest in the essentials. You’ll only need these ties to fill out your wardrobe. Whether you have too many or too few, try mixing these ties in with your formal / classy outfits.

Diagonal Stripe TieDark Color Solid Necktie:

This is the primary type and the one I find I wear the most. Having a dark color (e.g. black or dark navy), solid color tie is versatile and can be incorporated into any wardrobe out there.

Stay away from brighter colors and shinier ties, as these don’t accomplish the same effect.  These types of ties contrast well with brighter dress shirts (e.g. white).  You don’t need too many of these – make sure that you’re picking out a simple solid necktie with the rest of your wardrobe in mind.

Diagonal Stripe TieDiagonal Stripe Tie:

The diagonal tie is famous, a standard, and meant to represent class and professionalism. For that reason, it should be a part of your business wear / professional attire.

These ties are the most common and feature plenty of variety is in terms of diagonal stripes and directions etc. You can be fairly varied with the types of diagonal stripes, and color profiles that you settle for with these ties. Make sure that you pick them out with the goal of contrasting with your dress shirts / the rest of your wardrobe.

Repeating Pattern Tie:

These ties are especially unique in terms of how many combinations and styles that there are. These ties offer you the most personality – I like simple, small polka dots for example, but you can go with anything else. These are often called wallpaper ties, and make for a bolder look. Why not try out a pattern and color profile here that best suits your personality?

Having these essentials in your wardrobe is a good start. Ensuring that the color and contrast of the tie matches the rest of the outfit, however, is even more important. A tie should only be selected with the rest of the outfit in mind.

When you start incorporating neckties into your outfits more and more, you’ll develop a greater sense of how to use them to improve and build upon your personal style. A good necktie goes a long way in terms of making you more of a stylish man. Check out for more men’s fashion advice.



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