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Woman’s Costumes All Year Round

Party animals never need an excuse to dress up fancy or ridiculous in order to have a fun time. The dressing up makes the time even more fun, especially when women’s costumes are involved! Whether you are wearing a giant yellow banana while running through a corn maze with friends or simply hitting the dance floor wearing classic 1960’s bellbottoms a la Austin Powers; the only reason one needs to dress up is simply to have fun!

Themed parties held around the year are a good reason to dig up your parents’ old disco clothes but what if they were long ago sent to a bargain seller? Taking the time to hunt through those racks of used and now unloved clothes looking for that matching outfit, which is a combination of ridiculous and fantastic, would take far too much time. So would a search through attics and basements for those old party fashions that were once so popular. If one has a connection to a movie Production Company then that would make life a little easier, women’s costumes from there would be quality and excellently kept. You could borrow it for a night and return, no one is the wiser.

women halloween costumes

With all the past fashions that went in and out of style over the decades, there are many to choose from; a 1960’s go-go dancer or a 1980’s erotic dancer? Women’s costumes could be a sexy cat or a sexy witch or a sexy nurse, just add the word sexy in front of it and make sure the proper amount of skin is showing! How about a sexy Princess Leia? 1920’s gangster girls or 1980’s diva or even those 1950’s rock and roll skirts which were so popular in Elvis’ time. One can be even more inventive and research fashions from the Victorian era and create them from scratch! Though this would be troublesome to create and wear, as the outfits were so large and boisterous that half the dance floor would be taken up. On the positive side, one could hide so much underneath those dresses!

Not all Women’s costumes have to show a lot of skin to be sexy. Disco fashions do not show off a lot of skin, and with the eight-inch platform shoes, the height and demeanor of a woman would be attractive enough to not need to show skin. Men do like being intimidated; after all it means a challenge and a better reward. How many men’s costumes are out there that show enough skin to match a sexy nurse outfit? Not a lot, unless one has hired a male stripper. Smurfette and Bananawoman are not that sexy to begin with, but they would be a lot of fun to party with!

When Halloween rolls around there are plenty of costume shops to choose from. Women’s costumes could be made from anything, as long as ones imagination and time holds out. If a bed sheet can make a toga and gold spray-painted leaves a crown, then what else can you make from around the house? Of course, the grander the imagined costume the more time and effort it will take to make. Women’s costumes can be a hard thing to wrangle though because everyone has a different size and shape to them and most costumers have to start by taking a person’s measurements. Without knowledge of sewing which is fast becoming a dying art; making your own costume may not be worth the time. Shops that provide a quality costume that will last more than one Halloween party are a little harder to come by than your usual corner store mask shop. The best option for a well-made Woman’s costume seems to be online ordering.

Erotic dancers know that the best place to get good costumes is from the Internet and now with many costumers and retailers making their presence known; Halloween costumes bought online are a viable option and often better than going out shopping for the best outfit. Chewbacca head masks are incredibly hard to come by in store and notoriously expensive but the Internet has defeated that commonality by selling them without a huge mark up.

While the Star Wars mythos states that Chewbacca is a male of his species, the resulting furry costume underneath does not have to be that of a male. Besides, if a man can dress up as a woman for Halloween, Women’s costumes could easily be male characters like Chewbacca. One retailer even sells men’s and Woman’s costumes that take this into consideration.


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