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Why You Should Buy Ethical, Organic And Sustainable Clothing

Frilled Dragon Collection by PECKD

Sustainable Clothing

Today, ethically conscious consumers or “ethical fashion warriors” require eco garments to be sourced and manufactured in a more moral and sustainable way, thereby cutting back the impact of conventional manufacture on the environment, the planet and its peoples.

You’ve a choice, ethical, fair-trade, eco-friendly, sustainable or with scant regard for the planet and its poorest peoples.

For many years things like leather, wool, and suede have been the only good materials for shoes and clothing in my opinion. That’s how I grew up. That’s how society has made me think. And probably you too. Anything besides these fabrics would be considered “cheap” and “bad quality”.

Sustainable Clothing

Times have changed. We are living in a world where your phone knows more about you than you know about yourself. In a time of iCloud. In a time of electric cars. Basically, what I am trying to suggest is this: dear designers, it’s time to move on from the outdated ways of making slippers and stilettos. It’s time for “luxury” to be redefined into a more meaningful concept.

Personally, I can’t wait to buy PECKD sustainable fashion clothes and their vegan clothing. Their Frilled Dragon Collection is compostable which includes beautiful pieces that are inspired by the grace, beauty and elegance of the frilled lizard. PECKD clothing are inspired by Australian Frilled Lizard as At the point when the frilled lizard get frighten, it raises itself on its rear legs, lifts its head up and spreads out an excellent skin fold that circles its head.

While manufacturing compostable fabrics, PECKD have stitched with organic threads and closed with vegan buttons that decompose naturally when buried in wet soil.

We must have great faith in human nature, I believe that many of us now realize the importance of buying ethical or sustainable, and the benefit to the whole planet of acting in an eco-friendly way.

Sustainable Clothing

Recycling, conserving energy, buying organic, being ethical, these attributes have all made the headlines over the last few years and are starting to make an impact, after all, commercially, it’s one of the few market sectors still expanding.

Eco issues have made their way into mainstream education; even the politicians have realized that this is not just a minority view, but the view of many mainstream voters. There is a large and growing demand for ethical clothing that is both fashionable and stylish; people with a conscience want ethical fashion made from organic or recycled materials, such as organic cotton and natural hemp or clothes manufactured from sustainable material.

PECKD brings together a range of luxury fashionable, sustainable and ethical fashion products for the greener generation. Even PECKD fashion clothes are designed with those buttons which are made from nut pulp and dehydrated vegetables, to keep the product all natural. Let’s get started, buy sustainable, eco-friendly fashion.



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