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Why Custom Patches are Good for Business & Promoting

It often happens that when we choose a label specifically for you, decide on a particular pattern, color and general appearance, that we do not know too much, where a label that you want to sew. Although at the beginning nothing comes to mind, it turns out that sites for a label, you can find a lot!

The first thing which our stripe will look great to backpack. It is a good place, especially for someone who really wants to expose the pattern of your choice. In addition, the stripe may well decorate, seemingly ordinary backpack and make it a whole new outdoor decor. This decoration gives specific things fresh even worn. If someone does not use a backpack instead of the badge can decorate your shoulder bag.

Custom patches can also fulfill a practical role. It often happens that the pants do we tear, especially if you have jeans. Then, to hide these imperfections, just sew a nice application of the eye pattern. In this way, our pants were not only saved from disposal, but also additionally decorated.

Another thing in our closet, which is made for embroidered custom patch, is the jacket. Especially suitable when it is made ​​of corduroy, or denim. Then we can easily sew a label on the sleeves, or in front. This will be a very original jacket, with a prominent pattern, expressing our interest.

In fact, any place is good for a label. Depending on the model is made on our ornament, we can match almost everything. It is also a very good way to refresh your wardrobe, with a small financial contribution.

Custom Patch

With years of heritage in the custom patch business, known for complete customer satisfaction at the lowest prices.  No other company in the world will work as hard to provide you with the best quality patches whether you want just one patch or millions.

When you are entrusted to order patches for your company, military branch, police department, corporation, scouts or athletic team, make one call to Houston Embroidery Service and you can relax knowing that the order will be done right. They done millions of patches over the years for individuals and the largest of corporations where their brand must be represented with the highest quality work. They guarantee your complete satisfaction or you pay nothing.



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