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Which Jewelry Choice is best for Your Man?

Jewelry for men has never been more in vogue than it is today. The variety available on the market is a good indicator of just how popular it has become. While it’s great to have such a wide and varied selection to choose from, it can also make the decision-making process a bit of a challenge, particularly if you’re not used to shopping for men’s jewelry. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to determine which pieces your man would enjoy and wear most often.

Bracelets for men

  • Bracelets for men: Although it’s only recently that men’s jewelry has come to be seen as an important accessory for any man’s wardrobe, it’s definitely not an entirely new concept. In fact, bracelets for men have been around for centuries, dating back to Biblical times. Today’s bracelets are made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, tungsten carbide, leather, titanium and ceramic. If the man in your life works in an office and lives in an urban environment, a tungsten bracelet with polished cross links, for example, would add a certain panache to his professional wardrobe. If your guy works outside, a durable, lightweight titanium piece might be a better choice. Braided leather is another lightweight option and one that might appeal to men who enjoy spending time outdoors. Check out the online selections of bracelets for men, and you’ll find that there’s almost literally something for everyone!
  • Men’s rings: One of the easiest pieces of jewelry for a man to wear is a ring. No matter what line of work your guy is in, and no matter what activities he enjoys during his off hours, rings are comfortable and lightweight accessories that he’ll enjoy wearing for any occasion. Aside from making sure that you know his correct ring size, the only real decisions left regarding which ring is right for your man involve the type of material that the ring is made from and which style or design he would like the most. You’ll find rings for bikers and racing enthusiasts, as well as Celtic rings, Christian rings, Hebrew rings and claddagh rings. In short, whatever interest or background your man has, you’ll very likely be able to find a ring that reflects his uniqueness. The variety of materials is impressive as well: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, sterling silver as well as contemporary materials that are so popular in modern men’s jewelry. If you’re buying him a ring for a special occasion such as an anniversary, for example, a titanium “forever” ring might be ideal.
  • Men’s necklaces and pendants: Although men have been wearing necklaces throughout history, the selection in recent decades has been pretty limited. Gold chains were very popular for a time in the 1960s and 1970s, and U.S. soldiers have been wearing dog tags around their necks since the 1920s. Contemporary men today, however, feel much more comfortable wearing necklaces in a variety of different styles – from tribal-inspired pendants to dog tag style necklaces to the perennial favorite gold and silver chains. When you choose a necklace or pendant for the man in your life, try to choose one that is a good reflection of his lifestyle, personality or beliefs. Keep in mind that although he may not wear a necklace as often as he would a bracelet or a ring, a necklace or pendant when it is worn can make a very powerful statement. This makes it all that much more important to find one that is truly a reflection of the person he is. If the man in your life is a Christian, for example, a stainless steel cross pendant might be the perfect choice.

Whether you choose rings, necklaces or bracelets for men, the most important thing to remember when selecting which jewelry is best for your man is to choose pieces that help him express himself to the rest of the world. With the selection of men’s jewelry now available, that decision may be much easier than you thought it would be!

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