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7 Versatile Suit Colours and Why You Should Have Them

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7 Versatile Suit Colours and Why You Should Have Them

So many suits are just plain black and these do have their place, particularly when it comes to everyday wear for work, for example, but there are a whole variety of suit colours out there which men shouldn’t be afraid to try.

It’s a case of wearing the right colour for the right occasion and choosing a suit that fits well and is high quality. When wearing colours you also want to make sure you choose the right accessories to avoid clashing, garish pattern and colour choices.

For this post we asked the team behind Dobell – a perfect place to start if you are looking at tuxedos for sale online. They gave us a list of seven versatile suit colours you should have and why:

  1. Dark brown

A dark brown suit can look smart enough for every day wear and can make a nice change from black or navy but it’s really suitable for slightly less formal atmospheres such as teaching or a casual office.

Be careful which suit colours you wear with it as some, such as orange or turquoise will create horrible clashes, so pick your tie and shirt carefully when wearing a brown suit and go for as plain as possible.

If you are attending a very formal business event or meeting, brown is probably best avoided as it’s not strictly business attire.

  1. Khaki

If you have to wear suits for work every day it can be difficult to know what to wear in the summer but a light khaki suit can be perfect and if its in a light linen-blend material it will help to keep you cool as well.

Khaki is a nice light colour providing versatility when it comes to choice of shirt and tie to wear with it and is virtually neutral in itself so can be paired with anything without creating uncomfortable clashes.

Khaki can be perfect for every day office wear and even for attending summer events which are perhaps not formal enough to require a dress suit, such as an outdoor summer wedding or party.

  1. Navy blue

Aside from black, navy blue is perhaps the staple colour for suits but it can provide some more variety due to the variety of different shades of blue available, and the added possibility of choosing a pinstripe version.

Navy blue is perfect if you want to be taken seriously and is the essential every day colour suit to wear to any type of office, where the dress code is for formal attire. It’s a colour which can be made incredibly formal by wearing a navy pinstripe with a white shirt, for example.

Or it can be dressed up with brighter colour shirt and tie combinations, for a less formal look. A navy suit jacket also adds a touch of class to a pair of jeans for a smart casual weekend approach.

  1. Dark grey

Dark grey is the perfect suit colour for winter and for the man who wants to look more mature than his age. Dark grey adds a touch of class and a suit in this colour in a wool-based fabric is the perfect winter office attire.

Matched with any colour shirt or tie, dark grey creates a formal suit base which can be dressed up or down as you choose. It’s the perfect suit for the office, but equally for formal family events such as weddings or christenings.

  1. Pastel blue

Pastel blue might not appeal to every man but it provides an alternative option to wear during the summer months if khaki and grey are not your colours. Pastel shades can be very flattering.

For everyday office wear, or for a summer garden party or wedding, a light blue suit can be a perfect lighter option. It’s perhaps best avoided for formal business events, but for other more social events, a light blue suit with a short sleeve shirt can be the perfect summer outfit.

  1. Light grey

Light grey is the perfect colour for the end of the summer and early autumn and is still formal enough to wear to work every day. It provides a nice change between navy and dark grey and is a colour that can be worn all year round if preferred.

Light grey works well with patterns as well, for even more creativity, if you wanted to go for herringbone for example. It can be worn with pastel shirts in the summer for a lighter look but just as easily works with dark coloured shirts in the winter months.

  1. Black

The final colour option is black. Every man needs a classic black suit to wear for very formal occasions such as job interviews, business meetings, or for a black tie event or family event including weddings.

Black is the classic option for suits and if you are unsure whether a colour will be acceptable at a particular venue then you should opt for black as the safer option.


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