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Top 5 Most Popular Beauty Treatments of 2012

So you’ve been working hard in the gym and even harder in the office; it’s time to release that built-up tension with a spa day to remember. The benefits of body treatments are widely documented, including alleviating back pain, easier labour for pregnant mothers, enhanced immunity, and the promotion of tissue regeneration. With so many ways to benefit from beauty treatment, we wonder why more people don’t find the time to do it! Across the country, beauty treatments have become more relaxing and soothing than ever before, so try out the crème de la crème available in 2012 with our top five spa destinations.

Rohan Quarry Day

At the luxury Metropolitan Hotel in London city, you can enjoy the benefit of deep tissue therapy massage. If there is an old injury or emotional tension in your body, this beauty treatment will smooth it out. A hybrid of physiotherapy and Eastern massage, this will leave everyone with a smile on their face. All the fashion hot-shots have taken to what a Rohan Quarry Day can do for their bodies, so try it out too.

rohan quarry day

Hot Oil Massage at Ushvani

In Sloane Square, London, this Malaysian-style sanctuary provides hot oil massages that relax the body. Coconut and hibiscus is pored over your skin to soften muscles, followed by a Malay, Balinese and Thai massage to work out those aches and pains. Ushvani has even won awards for their day spa treatment. This kind of relaxation you couldn’t achieve with your average beauty salon supplies. 90 minutes of exotic paradise is just a call away.

Hot Oil Massage

K-Lift Ultimate Lifting Facial

Combining the earthy and rejuvenating qualities of mud, algae, and essential oils, this Kerstin Florian facial works its magic on tired complexions. Lasting for weeks, this glow will unveil beautiful skin you never knew you had. Go to Ashdown Park Hotel in East Sussex to reap the benefits of their gorgeous spa days in a calm, country surrounding. You can take a refreshing walk afterwards or grab a cup of herbal tea with your fresh-faced glow.

Cleopatra’s Bath

You too can feel like a queen with this beauty treatment at Antara Spa in Chelsea. You’re in for a treat with their menu of body scrubs, massages and relaxing steam room sessions, followed by a bath of rose-scented milk. After you leave, you’ll understand why Cleopatra was addicted to this sumptuous beauty treatment and wish you had enough money as the gorgeous, Egyptian Queen so you could come back for more.

Cleopatra’s Bath

Fish Treatment

Aqua Sheko has taken a bizarre concept and turned it into the latest beauty treatment trend. Give your tired feet some TLC by sitting comfortably with a cup of warm jasmine tea and putting your toes into a tank of baby garra rufa fish. These little guys gently suck on your toes to remove dead skin, and don’t worry, they don’t have teeth! Sure, it’s tickly at first, but your feet come out silky smooth and then are worked into complete weightlessness between the fingers of a massage specialist. Bliss.

Fish Treatment

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