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Top 5 Fashion Accessories For The Beach

A simple bikini or a swim suit would not make you stand out unless and until you accessorize your outfit in a manner such that it complements your look. If you are looking for ways to make a fashion statement on your trip to the beach; here is a list of top five beach accessories that you must shop for before the summers start.

Funky Jewelry

You can pair up matching earnings and necklace to your swim wear to give your outfit a complete look. Try to go for jewelry that is not very showy or sparkly. Instead opt for funky jewelry and colorful bangles that bring out the colors of your swimwear and make you stand out. You can also opt for large stone rings that match or complement the color of your outfit. However, do not overload yourself with jewelry. Try to opt for an elegant yet chic look by using simple yet funky jewelry. You can also opt for a watch if you are going for a simple look. However, you must remember to use a water resistant watch!

Funky Jewelry


You can choose a stylish and colorful headband so that you can keep your hair open and loose and still keep it from falling in your eyes,. Headbands are quite in fashion these days and you can either choose a funky colorful one or a simple one that is available in an assortment of colors!


Strappy Sandals

Sandals are the ideal footwear for a trip to the beach. Opt for strappy sandals as they not only provide comfort but also look chic and classic with the swim suit. Irrespective of the type of swim wear you are wearing, sandals would help you in completing the outfit. Strappy sandals are available in various colors and style and you can choose a pair that not only adds to your look but also provide protection to your feet from beach stones and rocks!

Strappy Sandals

Cover Up

Although a stylish and trendy swimwear can give off a stylish look, a cover up adds to your outfit and is extremely comfortable at times when you are not swimming. Several cover-ups are available and you can choose one that goes along with your swim wear. You can choose a simple tunic that is quite into fashion these days to a sarong that allows you to cover your legs in an extremely chic manner!

cover up beach


Although towel is a must you should carry a towel that is fluffy and colorful. The towel should not only allow you to dry yourself but should also be large enough for you to spread it out and relax. Towels come in various sizes and colors and you can either opt for single shade towels or one made of colorful patches.


Looks for styles that complement your look, and the swimwear you are wearing to the beach.

Carla has been blogging about fashion for the last 2 years. Carla enjoys offering advice on how to choose the best bikini tops. When she is not blogging, Carla enjoys spending time with friends at the beach.


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