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Tips For Wearing Costume Jewelry To Make A Street Fashion Style In Winter

The ultimate truth of our fashion sense lies in the ensembles where we find most of the comfort. Winters commence the cover-it-up fashion, which avenues a thought- “how can I wear costume jewelry in winters with my body covered up in thick and woolly rig-outs from head to toe?”.

With the breathtaking winter jewelry pieces available on the wholesale jewelry shops and markets these days, one can’t possibly think of walking out of the house without wearing one. Gear up and get ready to find out on tips for wearing costume jewelry and settle down for street fashion style this winter!

  1. The Beauty of Chokers

    Winters are the only time when you love to put on comfy and snug coats and wrap warm scarves around your neck to pull off the winter street style. But the good news is that you can still wear an embellishment over them, a non-metal choker. Fashionable and cozy, all in one!

  2. Long Long Earrings

To be the eye-catching one out on the streets you might want to consider the turtlenecks with the winter’s hottest length earrings. However, avoid wearing a scarf with it. Dangling right above your shoulder, these earrings will look ravishing over a turtleneck! In case you’re not very much of a turtleneck fan, go a pair of washed boyfriend jeans with a knitted sweater and then put on a lovely dangling earring.  There are tons of fashion styles of earrings can be easily found at wholesale earrings stores online or local boutiques.

  1. Leather Over Metal

    Metallic wristwatch might be the most suitable choice for an in-house winter party but not for the outdoor wanderlust. Metal only makes it all too cold! Be it long boots and a leather jacket or a trench coat with heels, feel free to grab a stylish leather band watch around your wrist with whatever ensemble you choose to wear.

  2. Boisterous with Brooches

Who says brooches are only to be worn for a fancy look? You sure can dress up for your road trip and be a street style master with a sheeny boho-chic brooch clipped to your coat. Be unique, vintage and dressy at the same time!

  1. Hand-full-of-rings

The funky and big stone rings seem to go exceptionally well with the plainly knitted costumes. For an ultimate street style, have your fingers filled with flat rings and all others. Let the people on the streets watch and envy your pretty hands accessorized with a handful of rings!

  1. For the love of bangles

The minimalists can always opt for bangles instead of the other jewels. Next chilly evening you wear a knitted sweater with skirt, leggings, and boots, try a silvery or golden bangle in one of your wrists right on the top of the sweater sleeve.

  1. Tribal colored Necklace

What else could you wear to embark hot high-street fashion this winter? A bunch of tribal colored necklaces hooked together over a chunky knit sweater is definitely a not-to-be-missed on-trend look! Alternatively, a cropped top paired with a high-waist pencil skirt, topped with a tailored blazer and accessorized with a tribal colored necklace is good to go!

Pick out what looks best on you, and spice up your winter street look.


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