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The Perfect Ways To Wear Pearls

If you some gorgeous pearl jewellery tucked into the back of your jewellery box and you just never get the chance to wear, then find the perfect outfit to make your pearls shine. I can understand that wearing pearls can be difficult, as sometimes they can feel like they are too much and don’t really go with your outfit. I will let you know exactly how to wear your gorgeous pearl jewellery.

Petite Pearl Necklace

The gorgeous slim pearl necklace looks absolutely beautiful with the little black dress. Slim pearl necklaces can be difficult to wear as they look so precious that it’s a shame to wear them with every day outfits. You really want to make a big deal out of wearing your shiny pearl necklace, so dress it up with a beautiful little dress. If you dress is quite plain, you can really go out with the pearl look and add some little pearl studs.

pearl necklace


Wearing pearls with pastel colours is a big no, no, no! This is because they just don’t go. Try not wearing pearls with any light and delicate colours; this is because you will just end up making the pearls look old fashioned. The more bold and vibrant colours you choose when wearing pearls, the better it will look. This is because as pearls as such a bold statement on their own you don’t want them to totally overpower your outfit.

Experiment with Pearls

A great other thing to do with your pearl necklace is to experiment with it. Instead of going out with your simple pearl necklace on, why not mix it up and layer other necklaces on top of it. You can play around with different colours, sizes and proportions until you get your perfect look. A pearl necklace will look gorgeous teamed with some chain necklaces and a plan tee shit. You are not going to want to wear anything too fussy when wearing pearls as the look will just seem too crowded.

Creative Pearls

If you really want to do something different with your pearl jewellery to make it really stand out, why not be more creative with them? If you have a gorgeous long white pearl necklace, why not wrap around your head a few times to create a choker look? If you wanted to get that rock chic look, the choker pearl necklace will look perfect when you team it with a leather jacket. If you wanted to get yourself a pearl bracelet, why not wrap your necklace around your wrist a few times? Or put your pearl necklace on the crown of your head to get that hippie style look. You have so many options of what to do with your stunning pearl jewellery.

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