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The Perfect Look For The Office For Every Lady

Do you love to wear makeup when at the office? There is just something so empowering about a full-face of makeup, isn’t it? Well, most of us feel quite comfortable in our own skin, and we love to look good. If you are trying to look like a true office diva and you want to know the right way to apply makeup, you’ve come to the right place! Here is how to do your makeup for the office in 6 steps! Longevity, glamour, and femininity guaranteed!

6 Steps For The Perfect Office Makeup


Office Makeup

  1. Low Maintenance

Low-maintenance is something which we all gravitate to, don’t we? Wearing a high-quality moisturizer as well as a lightweight BB cream can be just enough for the office! You should stay away from heavy, cracky and uneven foundations, and rather enjoy something natural and comfy on your skin. Apply your BB cream with a brush and let it sink into your pores before you proceed with further makeup application.

  1. A Bit Of Glow

You can look naturally healthy and radiant with a liquid highlighter. Use your favorite kind and apply it to your cheekbones. You can also apply it on top of your forehead and around your decolletage. Make sure you dab the product in with your fingers so that there are no visible streaks. Don’t apply powders on top since this can be too powdery and heavy during work hours.

  1. Neutral Shadow

A dash of brown on top of the lid is a good idea. You should always apply something light and as close as natural to your crease color. A soft muted brown in the crease is a good idea, and it should be followed by a shimmery gold on the eyelid. Apply your shadows with your fingers if you are really running out of time and make dabbing and pressing motions.

  1. Simple Lashes

No reason to coat your lashes, curl them, or even apply falsies. You can save a lot of time early in the morning, simply by getting lash extensions. Lash extensions are sturdy, high-quality, and they can look amazing on every eye shape! They will allow you to grab 10 more minutes of your beauty sleep since they need no glue, mascaras, or lash curlers. Just brush them through with a brow spoolie and enjoy your confident look!

  1. Red Lipstick

Red means business, and is great for a professional and formal look. If you want to look well-put on your next big meeting settle for a matte red lippie. It means power, it gives you confidence, and is ideal for every skin tone! Also, did you know that men prefer darker and bolder lipsticks over simple nudes? So why not give this lipstick chance?

  1. Face Mist

A face setter or a face mist is an amazing product which keeps your makeup intact and in place all day long. It will keep your face as matte as possible, and it won’t let your natural oils show through. Also, it will rehydrate your skin whenever you reach for it and will give you a fresh outcome. Simply add a few spritzes on top of your skin whenever you start to feel dry. Make sure you always have a mini size bottle with you when leaving the house. It is petite, practical, and it can fit in every bag!



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