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Swing into the New Season with Weather-Proof Golf Clothes

For once, summer hasn’t disappointed in terms of playing weather. The long, dry and sunny days have provided the perfect climate for hitting the green, but it is always worth reminding that this pleasant weather won’t stick around forever – making it a great time for digging out those all-weather golf clothes or for simply investing in some new autumn/ winter playing clobber.


No one likes calling off a game just for a spot of rain, and these handy tips will help you kit yourself out with stylish golf wear that can effectively handle all playing conditions…

Layer it up
An inexpensive way of altering your summer golf clothes for colder days is to add layers. You can easily adapt your summer playing clothes by layering a golf jacket over your shirt, and simply swapping your golf shorts for a smarter (and warmer) pair of golf trousers. The good thing about layers is that should the temperatures continue to soar during September, you can simply remove a layer or two and pop them into your golf bag while you play.

Keep it Waterproof
It goes without saying that autumn and winter are going to be filled with rainy days, so don’t forget to invest in some effective waterproof golf clothes. Golf clothing brands have incorporated a number of technical innovations to ensure you stay protected even when playing in the rain. Most golf jackets such as Galvin Green golf jackets utilise cutting-edge technical materials such as GORE-TEX® fabrics to ensure great breathability to keep you comfortable as you play.

Don’t Neglect Sunscreen
This tip may appear to be better suited to summer play than during autumn or winter, but making sure you wear an effective SPF is actually important all year round. Even in Britain golfers can get sunburnt during winter due to playing long days outside without adequate sun protection – make sure you apply a good SPF to arms, the face and any other areas that may be exposed to the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Top it off with a Hat & Gloves
An easy way of combating colder playing conditions during the autumn/ winter period is to make sure that you pack a hat and some gloves. Whenever the temperatures drop, your body can lose heat quite quickly however gloves and a hat will retain this heat helping to keep the rest of your body insulated and comfortable as you play.


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