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Putting Together An Outfit – Dos And Don’ts

DO: Shop for multiple outfits.

When shopping for everyday wear, avoid purchasing items that can only be worn with other specific items. It is just not economical to have pieces that you cannot mix and match. Your closet should have a black belt, a brown belt, a white tank top, a black one, and a few great pairs of jeans in various washes. Your wardrobe does not have to be dull, however. If you like to wear neon colours, buy your basics in bright colours so that you can wear them in a variety of different combinations.

DON’T: Shop outfit by outfit.

Instead of getting a crazy purple dress for an upcoming party, try going for a little black dress that you can wear multiple times with different accessories. Naturally, there are some events that simply call for a fresh, unique outfit that you will only especially for that special occasion. Proms and weddings are usually one-outfit events, especially if you are a bridesmaid. But in the meantime, work with what you’ve got and learn to be resourceful with your clothes. Then, you will be able to afford the really important outfits.

DO: Buy what you like.

Sometimes, you just have to break the rules. If you really like something, just go for it. The first rule of fashion is to express who you are with what you wear. Just be sure to think of a few ways you can wear it. If you can wear a piece in multiple ways, you will take longer before you get tired of it.

DON’T: Make impulse buys.

If you’re really into a piece, you should give it a little thought before buying it, especially if it is expensive. Try taking a walk around the block. If you still want it when you come back to the store, it is probably meant to be. Other times, you might break the bank over a really great piece home and realize that it is just not you. Be sure to keep your receipts and leave all of the tags on the clothing when you bring it home until you are sure that you have no intention of returning it.

DON’T: Copy what you see.

We all look at fashion magazines and television shows for inspiration. But making a style your own will really make you stand out. Besides, the pieces that celebrities wear are often high-end designer fashions that can cost thousands.

DO: Dress appropriately.

Overdressing for an event can cause you to attract too much attention. If you’re going to a casual lunch with your friends, blue jeans and a nice top should suffice. Save your low-cut tops for dates and nights on the town. A few simple, go-to pieces for everyday wear will make it easy for you to get dressed on a casual day.

DON’T: Be afraid to take a risk.

If you want to wear a risky piece, wear it. But, keep your makeup neutral and avoid wearing too many crazy pieces at once. You can stand out in a tasteful way if you keep it under control. Fashion isn’t about wearing what other people like or following trends. You can have an updated look without sacrificing the fashions that you love. A few statement pieces such as a chunky necklace or big sunglasses can bring your outfit together and make it your own.

Mastering the art of ladies fashion takes many years of experience and dedication. Follow these simple style tips and you will find yourself on the way to becoming a budding fashionista.


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