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Men: How to Pick a Winter Coat

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s a bit nippy out there at the moment.  It’s certainly the season for wearing warm clothing and perhaps shopping for new men’s clothing that will keep the cold out – and a decent coat is an absolute necessity.  If your old coat is looking a bit worse for wear, or perhaps your old waterproof has finally lost its coating and is letting in more rain than it is keeping out, it’s time to look for a new one.

There are lots of style options available online or on the high street, and which style you opt for will largely depend on where you usually wear your coat (to work, or out with your friends).  You might prefer to buy two coats: one professional for going to and from work, and one more casual for the rest of the time.

A good coat will rest somewhere between the top of your thighs and your knees and it will comfortably fit over any jacket you might need to wear as part of a suit.   A woollen coat will keep you toasty warm, but some people find that the collar and cuffs irritate their skin.  You could still go for a warm woollen coat and just wear a scarf and some gloves as a layer between your coat’s fabric and your skin. There are coats that have a layer between the lining and the outer fabric filled with down or man-made insulating material to add extra warmth – ideal if you travel to work by public transport and have to spend a lot of time standing around in the cold.

Men Winter Coat

If you know what size suit jacket you would normally take, buy your coat in the next size up to allow room for whatever clothes you’ll be wearing beneath.  Make sure you can do up the buttons with no gaping holes in between when you stand up straight.  Check that the cuffs reach just past the cuffs of your jumper or shirt jacket.

Dark, neutral coloured coats will go with pretty much any item of men’s clothing and won’t need to be washed as often as pale-coloured coats would.  Check the wash instructions before you buy and be sure that you’ll be able to keep it clean easily.  Many coats especially those with a high wool content are dry-clean only.  Be sure to give it a good clean after you have finished wearing it for the year (when the weather picks up) and keep it somewhere safe and dry until next year.  If you’ve chosen a classic style you’ll be able to wear it year upon year.

This is a guest post by Claire Chat a Londoner passionate about fashion, jewellery and who loves shopping. If you want Claire to write you specific content, you can find email her here or contact her on Twitter (Claire_Chat).


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