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Maurice and Paul Marciano Art Foundation – Contemporary Art Space in LA’s

Paul Marciano

Paul Marciano is a Moroccan-born American fashion designer, businessman, investor, and philanthropist. In 1981, he cofounded clothing brand and retailer company Guess Inc. with his brothers.

The Marciano Art Foundation

The Marciano Art Foundation (MAF) was established in spring 2017 by two brothers Maurice and Paul Maricano. The purpose of this exhibition space in Los Angeles was to enabling public to visit Marciano Art Collections and hosting special projects through exhibitions. Foundation’s collection of over 1,500 artworks bringing together international artists who are among contemporary art’s leading creative.

Marciano Art Foundation (MAF) is in the former Scottish Rite Temple which is a form of Free Masonry. Masonic Temple was acquired with $8 million and it was under renovation for 3 years before inauguration of Marciano Art Foundation. MAF contains collections of popular, struggling and growing artists work from 1990s to now. Maurice and Paul want to inspire people and engage them into the transformative power of contemporary art.

Marciano Art Foundation has unique vision and it’s a wonderful space for modern art followers showcasing compelling collections for all age groups. This is a space you’d have to experience more than once to really take in everything that’s shown.

What’s Inside the Gallery?

Marciano Art Foundation

Foundation aims to teach the audience how to look at contemporary art and ideas at large with open minds. Marciano Art Foundation Museum has a total of three floors. The Museum is spacious which can take your 2 hours to visit. Admission to MAF Museum is free of charge.

Paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations and creative works punctuate your route. This place further enriches Los Angeles’s rich modern art scene.


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