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Luvless, A Long-Lasting Luxury Perfume By Ashley

Luxury Perfume

When thinking of luxury perfume, Mobile, AL, is not the first place that comes to mind. Still, the magnificence of perfumes always intrigued Ashley Loveless Cunningham. Spending countless hours at department store counters, learning the science behind fragrance birthed her passion for perfumery.

Ashley began to dream of different scents that would blend perfectly together, long-lasting and stood out from the rest. This passion quickly went from a thought of, “can I do it, to Ashley, you are going to do it.” She could not shake the visions in her head of shapes of bottles, the color of bottles, the name of her fragrance, how the name would display on the bottle, seeing her perfume on counters in major department stores, and sharing with the world all the things perfume did for a brown girl from Mobile, AL. Perfume is her place of peace, confident builder, compliment receiver, and final accessory when worn. After losing sleep countless nights, she began to take flight into making her passion a reality. She began performing her in-home testing and sampling so that when sharing her vision with a chemist she would already have an insight and a voice.

Luxury Perfume

Ashley ran into obstacles along the way but remained steadfast on her vision, which caused her to press forward even harder. She finally was ready to present to the world a conversation piece that was close to her heart, not because of the work she put into it, but because of the name she selected. Ashley’s maiden name is Loveless (having no feelings of love). After love found her and she married her best friend, she decided that it was time to complete the project of “LUVLESS.” She decided to keep her namesake with a twist, hence the name. LuVless Amour Sacré (Amour Sacré means Sacred Love in French) was born.

As a mother and entrepreneur, effortless style and grace are what Ashley aims for in her everyday life. The things she aims for are projected not only in the scent of LuVless Amour Sacré but also in the perfume bottle design. Notes of dark chocolate and soft musk define the LuVless experience charm the customer with elegance.

The LuVless Fragrance embodies confidence, passion, and sensuality. The classic shape of the LuVless Amour Sacré bottle projects power, sensuality, and elegance. Perfume is the final accessory that, when adorned with the perfect attire, injects the wearer with a new confidence level. The scents, captivating bottle designs, and the confidence gained from a mere fragrance.


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