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Leather Jackets For Men Span Genres

The biggest fashion houses in the world debuted fall/winter 2012 men’s leather jackets in gorgeous colours and textures during fashion shows in New York and Milan. Giorgio Armani led the way with tailored items that were simply stunning. Other fashion retailers followed suit. For the fall, we will see men’s leather tuxedo jackets, lining-less lightweight leathers and rich earth tones in leathers.

Ode to Days Gone By

Jackets for men made of leather have a slight retro edge this season. The cuts of the blazers have a very 1950s feel, while the lapels remain medium width. Many had adornments such as shoulder stitching, brass buttons and interestingly hemmed pockets. While black and brown remain the staple colours for men, varieties in beige, deep red, cobalt blue and pastels are also heavily featured for the fall.

leather jackets for men

Rah Rah Rah for the Home Team

Varsity jackets with a vintage feel will also be popular. Think a classic ‘letterman’ jacket from the early 1960s made partially of wool with leather sleeves and accents. Elegantly transformed sports-inspired jackets are a must have for men this winter. These were shown in all colours and cuts, available with the classic hemmed bottom or a freefall version that did not gather at the waist but cascades past the upper hip.

Leather Cardigans

Cardigans of leather instead of wool or cashmere are an interesting twist for the fashion-forward man. A cardigan can be worn over a fitted t-shirt with trousers. Armani showed a version in navy, paired with a white t-shirt and dark khaki Bermuda shorts — which was a fantastic, casual look. These cardigans have either four or six buttons and can easily be dressed up or down. They match perfectly with a colourful tie or ascot.

Blazing Bombers

Leather bomber jackets continue to be a trend, as do classic leather blazers. Several couturiers’ showed blazers of leather which were worked to take on the appearance of seersucker. Many retailers showed leather goods that had been carefully reworked in some way to look like a fabric other than leather. These types of garments will be a very popular for the cooler months.

leather jackets for men

leather jackets for men

leather jackets for men

leather jackets for men

Men who choose to don interesting garments aren’t following the typical fashion pack. Well-tailored leather jackets for men will be a stand out star in your wardrobe. Think out of the box and look for items in sandy ecru, cement grey, espresso and brick. Get a jacket tailored to achieve the best possible fit.

Guest article written by Josh, an avid fan of leather jackets for men!


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