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Lasting Weight Loss Tips

The holidays are around the corner which usually means sweet eats and tasty treats. If eggnog, gingerbread and peppermint bark call to you each winter than now is the time to think about your weight management.  Believe it or not you can make it through the holiday season without gaining a pound. We consulted with health and diet experts to bring you the best lasting weight loss tips.

Eat Whatever You Want

This one throws off the majority of fitness coach clients because they think it also means eat as much as you want. Notice that rule number one is to eat whatever you want, not as much. This means you can still enjoy the chocolate cake; yes you can have and eat it too. When changing your lifestyle it is all about moderation and making smart choices. Which means listen to your body? If it is hungry then feed it. If it wants to eat the dessert eat the dessert but know when to stop. If you find yourself unable to stop after a bit of something, like pizza, cake, ice cream, note your weakness and only indulge on special occasions.

 Weight Loss Tips

No Diet is the Best Diet

When you go on a diet, your body feels deprived, sometimes it is only in your mind, but the feeling of deprivation creates a dramatic contrast of what you should and shouldn’t eat. Sometimes the mere act of saying you can’t do something makes you want to do it more. Think of a child who is told not to do something, they almost always do it because they want to go against the grain and prove their parents wrong. When you diet, your ego takes over and plays the little kid parent situation over again. If you really want long lasting weight loss forget the diets now and forever.

Brush your Teeth

Studies show that people who brush their teeth right after a meal eat less left overs, and dessert. Which means you could lose weight while brushing your teeth. There are many ways to lose weigh but taking a toothbrush with you and brushing after a meal is one of the easiest ways. It triggers the brain into thinking you are eating something sweet. If you have a sweet tooth, the natural sweetener of the toothpaste can help calm down the cravings. Some people use flavored toothpastes to make it more fun. Brush after every meal for a slimmer waistline and extra bonus you get an added healthy smile.

For more health tips visit the Doctors at TenderCare Dental, a dentist in Beaverton Oregon. Shannon Kaiser is a health writer.


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