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Is Kate Pregnant? The Knowing is in the Growing.

Is Kate pregnant?” – A pressing question throughout media channels and all royalists as well as the general public in countries all around. With tens of millions people tuning in to watch the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton early in 2011 it’s no wonder that there is global interest over whether Kate really is pregnant or not.

Prince Harry has occupied the news for more scandalous reasons recently and whether Kate is pregnant or not some of the media heat will likely be shifted Prince William and Kate’s way for more pleasant reasons. There’s no stopping the spread of speculation over whether these rumours are true and it isn’t the first time they have cropped up in the past. Previous conjecture was quashed rather swiftly, though and this time around pregnancy in the Royal household seems to be viewed with more conviction.

Is Kate Pregnant


What adds impetuous to the pregnant ponderings is that Prince William recently stated he and Kate would be thrilled start a family quite soon. They are both 30 and it does seem like a suitable time to do so. The couple are on a nine day tour of Singapore and several other Commonwealth countries in Southeast Asia and the Pacific in order to shed some Royal light in this the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. While in Singapore earlier, the Prince reported that he would like to have two kids with Kate in time.

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Yesterday (Tuesday 11th of September 2012) Kate and William ‘wined’ and dined at the president’s official residence in Singapore. Those who believe Kate to be pregnant will have heard some alarm bells ringing as Kate took part  in two toasts to the Queen. The fascinating part of the gesture was that instead of the traditional wine-filled clink-clink, Kate had her glass topped up with water, refusing some fine Bordeaux.

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We wouldn’t dare suggest that Kate Middleton is packing on the pounds but in a few recent photos there does appear to be a small bump around the stomach area. If this really is the case you’d probably hedge your bets on Kate being pregnant, as she also seems to be making a concerted effort to conceal the extra volume with a clutch bag or whatever else is on hand.

Kate Middleton

Only time will allow us to answer that burning question: “is Kate Pregnant” , but as with any celebrity pregnancy we’ll be able to tell soon enough. It’s been 27 years since the last royal was born. Could this be the start of the next generation?

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