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How to Pull off a Casual James Bond Look

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There’s nothing more annoying than searching for the “James Bond” look and being presented with nothing other than smart tailoring and ultra-formal tuxedos. Even Bond doesn’t dress that way all the time, and a watch of any one of the films would tell you this.

So what about casual Bond – when he’s sipping cocktails at a poolside bar, walking along the beach “undercover” searching for his target, or even called into action unexpectedly?

Whichever Bond actor you are most familiar with, there are a number of common factors they all share when it comes to casual styling. We looked at how you can make the most of a casual Bond look.

james bond casino royale

Dark and Serious

If Bond is trying to blend in then he will very often go for the most basic of appearances. Of course, this is James Bond we’re talking about, so he’s still going to look great even in jeans and a t-shirt.

For the most basic of styles, go for dark indigo denim and grey casual loafers, suede is perhaps best for the footwear. A navy Harrington jacket is going to be the final touch up top, and underneath that it is simply up to you. Bond doesn’t tend to go for polo shirts in this look, so avoid them and perhaps go for a basic t-shirt with more navy on top in the form of lightweight knitwear. For true style, pick out a merino wool or cashmere jumper.

Beach Bum

Even Bond needs to look relaxed and carefree sometimes, and you can replicate his walking the beach look with consummate ease. Chinos are the way forward here, preferably in beige. As an alternative, explore the potential of white or tan linen trousers. Wear these with casual loafers once again or even sandals if you know the weather is good enough.

On your top half, layer up with a vest and patterned shirt. There are now real rules in terms of the colours when it comes to your individual style, although Bond would stick to browns and khakis – neutral all the way. The big rule you need to follow is that whatever colour vest you go for, ensure it is prominent within the pattern of the over shirt.

Always Carry

No matter the smart casual look you are trying to put together, there are two Bond styling essentials you should always have.

Aviator sunglasses are the first, if they aren’t being worn they can be slipped into an inside jacket or casual shirt pocket. Finally, wear your stylish watch at all times – it’s just a shame you can’t control your own car with it!

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