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How To Dress For A Formal Event

Work events, Christmas parties, black tie restaurants or whatever else life throws at you; there is bound to be one occasion or other when you’re going to have to dress up and go out to a formal event. But while a guy can just throw on a suit and go, it’s a little bit more difficult for the ladies.

We have to choose how formal to go, what might be too sexy, and of course, what might be too frumpy. No one wants to show up in a church gown only to realize everyone else has opted for body con and pencil fits, so it’s a great idea to work out in advance what kind of party it will be. Usually most elegant women’s designer clothing will be appropriate for formal events. However, you should still chose cuts, styles and fabrics based on formal rather than sexy.

Christmas parties

Low Pumps Or Sandals

3 inch heels are perfect for wearing to any formal event. They give the illusion of height and elegance without teetering into the fine line of reminding male patrons of places they’ve gone that they shouldn’t have. You can choose them in a classic black, red, beige or nude to go with most dresses you might decide to wear. Out of these, the classic black will take you the most places.

Next, choose between a pump and a sandal. Sandals display your toes but usually look a little more elegant and are more comfortable. However, they can also be very cold in the winter and it’s possible for your toes to slip over the edge of the shoe which doesn’t look elegant at all.

Not To Short Not To Long

Whether it’s a skirt or a dress you should be mindful of the length. Usually knee length or an inch below the knee is perfect for anyone over 30 while on a younger woman something knee length to about 2 inches above the knee will look more appropriate. This is because the slightly longer style looks less fun on a younger woman and you want to come off as exciting as well as formal.


While the stereotype of the little black dress is incredibly flattering and the ‘norm’, you can really wear anything you like. Try looking around in women’s designer clothing stores for pencil dresses, body cons and other flattering styles in almost any colours you like. The only thing that you have to watch out for is that the bust is not too low and that the hemline isn’t too high.

You might want to avoid wearing trousers as a preference over trousers. However you don’t want to give an overly formal impression and unless you greatly dislike wearing a dress, it’s usually best to wear one.

Formal clothing is sold at women’s designer clothing stores worldwide and online. Try purchasing clothing to flatter your form in order to make the best impression.


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